Keys to My Heart (Love Bank Romance Novella) by Duckie Mack

Throughout the Love Bank books there's been a relationship in the background between Wyatt and Keys.  Now Duckie Mack takes us inside their world with Keys to My Heart to see whether their open relationship is what they want for the future...

From the blurb:

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Keith (Keys) and Wyatt have known each other since middle school. They were each other’s first boyfriends, first...everything. They are friends, lovers, bandmates, family.

When their band hits it big, Wyatt happily plays the role of the band’s playboy, while Keys watches from the sides and welcomes him back with open arms.

Having a part of Wyatt used to be enough for Keys, but it’s not anymore.

Can these two that have fallen out of sync find the key to their hearts?

Keys to My Heart is a stand-alone novella that comes from the world of the Love Bank Romance Series.

Sarah C.'s Review:

I asked Wyatt Story When?! at the end of Bo Next Door and Duckie Mack has delivered. This is just a short novella between Wyatt and Keys, two side characters in the Love Bank series. It is set after Love Bites, book three in the series, and if you're a Love Bank fan, I highly recommend you wait until after reading Love Bites to dive into this one.

And I'm so excited to have this one because I've been chomping at the bit to find out more about Wyatt and Keys since book two and book three only made me want them more. The love story that we get - an established couple that have been together since middle school, two men who love one another but have an open relationship - even if one of them isn't all that happy with it - was beautiful and amazing and I loved the grand gesture at the end and I just loved every part of it.

I would've read this as full novel because of how much I just love Wyatt and Keys.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Keys to My Heart is essentially a story of if you love it set it free, if it loves you it will come back... the question is - will it be in time?

Wyatt & Keys' dynamic has been in the background of the Love Bank series  and we've gotten glimpses into their somewhat disjointed relationship.  I'm so happy that Duckie Mack gave us a glimpse into their story at a time where both men are making tough decisions about what their future will look like.  I honestly would have loved more, but the novella is a complete story arc and gives us everything we need to understand their current dynamic and where Keys needs the relationship to go to flourish int eh future!   

This novella is packed to the gills and oozing out the sides - and sets up the next rock star romance well...

Rating: 5 Stars 

Keys to My Heart is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription