Heart For Sale (Heartstrings Book 2) by Erica Montrose

Heart for Sale
was a cute fairly short novella. A really good grumpy/sunshine story.

From the blurb:

Good enough wasn't anywhere good enough to get me what I genuinely wanted. And god, how I wanted Gael Kelly.

For five years I've kept a wall up between my heart and the guy in sales who looks like a model and acts like a Boy Scout.

Five years of diligently hiding the hearts in my eyes and the drool on my desk whenever we worked projects together, trusting sarcasm to protect me.

But my wall of carefully crafted salt and snark crumbles the moment he reveals a career-wrecking mistake and turns to me for help.

Heart For Sale is the second novella in the Heartstrings series, and is a sweet grumpy/sunshine office romance that includes more pining, family drama, organizational awesomeness, steamy sex, and a guaranteed HEA.

Janet's Review:

Heart for Sale was a cute, fairly short novella. A really good grumpy/sunshine story. 

Zack is the go-to guy at the sales ad agency he works at. He is overworked and increasingly frustrated with the beautiful man that keeps giving him more work. 

Gael is a salesman at the agency. His smile is blinding. I loved that they were both smitten with each, afraid to act on it. 

I loved Zack’s snark! The story is well written with nice pacing, easy to read in one sitting. My only wish is that the author expanded it a little more and given us more character development/depth. 

Be warned there is a homophobic character/family member with horrible slurs and abuse. 

Fantastic family and secondary characters. Overall, a great story, highly recommend. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Heart for Sale takes us back to the Heartstrings series and pairs up Zane's brother Zack and Gael, his longtime coworker... and Erica Montrose is having a good time with naming her characters...  which may be distracting for some, but adorable in it's own way...

This was a novella with a complete story arc - I didn't feel like it was missing anything in length and I was invested in Zack and Gael's HEA from the beginning to the end... I appreciated that the angst was minimal and quickly resolved and that they got their HEA...I love Zack and Zane's family and all the side characters that the author is able to fit into this novella...

Side note, TW for homophobia and violence against a side character (who I hope gets his own HEA in a few book years) 

Rating: 5 Stars

Lori C's Review:

I love these little fast stories by Erica Montrose! Zack and Gael work together at Kingston & Stone, the marketing company that handles his brother’s books. Zack is a project manager that organizes and handles the day to day business that keeps the company running while Gael is a sales person that closes the deals and makes the promises. Zack also has a huge crush on Gael, but he keeps it hidden with an iceman persona as company policy doesn’t really lend itself to fraternization between coworkers. Gael lives a very busy life helping to take care of his family ever since his father died and working hard with keeping his clients busy. He’d love to let Zack into his life, but he’s not even sure if the guy likes him. When he makes a huge mistake the only that can help him is Zack, will sparks fly or is he doomed to be alone? 

Super quick, easy to read. It’s the series that keeps on giving. The Anderson family is sweet and the perfect team to bail you out of a marketing mess. It turns out, they can also help you figure out family problems too. And now we know we get a third book that continues this cute series by bringing us Gael’s brother Leighton. I can’t wait to read book number three and see what happens next! 😊

Rating: 4 Stars

Sheena's Review:

This was a short novella with a lot packed into it.  Not friends to lovers, or even enemies to lovers, more a mutual undiscovered crush to lovers.  The very nature of a novella means that events speed along at a pace quicker than normal to reach the conclusion.

Even with that said maybe I missed something by not reading the first book.  I liked both Zack and Gael and liked getting to know them both, hurried as it was.  I don't really understand Gael's family dynamic though, if I'm honest.  I don't really get why they let the brother make things get to that point without intervening before, if they knew what was going on.  Why make home life so unsafe that Haiden felt he wasn't even safe in his own home?  And they did nothing about it?  

I did like Zack and Gael together though, they had a lot in common once they got past the initial stage and they were so supportive of each other.  This was a short, sweet read with a lovely HEA too.  

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Heart for Sale is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription