Beautifully Broken: Meagan Bates

Beautifully Broken is a smoldering hot and dark, twisted story of acceptance of oneself and learning from tragedy.  

From the blurb:

There is a feral side of me always lying dormant until I have someone pretty to ruin.
I could corrupt him so easily; I could make him understand what it’s like to play with the devil. I could make him find new meanings to the words
"Beautifully Broken "
This one isn’t leaving.
I’m going to make him need me, and only me, no matter what It takes.
I haven’t laid my eyes on such a pretty boy in so long
Until him.

My heart is broken, I feel broken. Being cheated on is something I never thought would happen to me.
She was my first and only love, and now here I am on a road trip to nowhere.
That is until I come across the small town of Latterhills to rest for the night.
All I wanted was a tattoo to make me feel something to distract my mind before I got back on the road.
I’ve always been straight, for as long as I’ve known what sexuality even is, or so I thought.
Until him

To those who have the fantasy of a possessive, partially psychotic, tattooed morally gray man who would kidnap you just to get you back, who is also great in bed,
This is for you.

**18+. If you want an insta-love story between a man who thinks he's straight and an alphahole who knows he can have him anyway, and is instantly spicy with tension, then this is for you!
This is a smut-heavy book, with a light plot.
This book is short, and takes place over a few weeks, instead of an extended period of time like a full-length novel.

Beautifully Broken is a contemporary dark Male/Male romance with heavy themes.
Some may find the content within this book triggering.
Please check the trigger warnings before reading.

Trigger Warnings:
Knife play/ Blood play/ Spit play/ Cum play/ CNC/ Violence/ Kidnapping/Biting and marking/ Praise/Daddy kink/Snowballing/Cheating/Mention of abusive childhood/Death of a family member/Drug addiction/Mental health issues

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

The only thing this book has done for me is verify I’m more fucked up in the head than I was already aware. The toxicity of Caden and Ryder was beautifully perfect, and their connection was fierce! Finding love with someone just as twisted as you is insanely quintessential, with a lot of dark and contorted excitement to follow! 

Please, please, please take heed of the triggers since Beautifully Broken is definitely not for everyone. It’s dark, twisted, and kinky with a tad bit of praise going on between these two men. This is basically a book of twisted smut scenes with minimal storyline with exploding chemistry! 

So excited for more smutty, broken characters from Megan!

Rating: 5 Stars

Beautifully Broken is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription