Audio Review: The Dragon King's Heart (The High Garden Dragons #1) by C.K. Noel, narrated by Aaron Ross

The Dragon King's Heart was a delight ARC from GRR! I enjoyed this book so much! 

From the blurb:

Krispin Adair has been alone for years. After his family was killed by his brother in the ultimate

betrayal, Krispin accepted his lonely fate. Until a chance encounter brought him face to face with his fated mate...

Ben Morgan, on the trail of a rogue gargoyle, finds himself in an ambush. Attacked and left for dead, he knows there’s no hope for him. But when he wakes, he finds himself face to face with his Beloved and an ultimatum; if he wants to live, he must bond with the dragon king...and bear his son.

While the pair are making things work, they learn that Ben’s attack was just the start of something bigger - a war between the species. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an old shadow emerges with one wish - destroy all dragons. Can they stop the war?

Alyssagp's Review:

It was a delight listening to the two main characters before they met. Ben Morgan is a vampire, and Krispin Adair or Kris is a dragon. 

In this world, dragons have not existed for a long time, and Kris is the last dragon King; this changes later. When both of the characters meet for the first time, Ben is dying from an attack by a gargoyle. So Kris has to mate him; it's not entirely consensual, but they are fated mates, so it's okay. 

The interaction between Ben and Kris was so cute! When Ben first finds out Kris is a dragon and that he'll be carrying their baby, he's so shocked; it's funny. Ben and Kris are the definitions of a lovey-dovey couple. Still, I enjoyed hearing them come to life by the narrator. 

The Dragon King's Heart was the first time I listened to this narrator; he does a good job. Despite the love between Ben and Kris, there is a plot surrounding why Ben was attacked in the first place, but the main focus is on the two main characters.

Rating: 5 Stars