The Poison Bottle (Treasure Trove Antiques #3) by L.M. Somerton

The Poison Bottle was a fun and addictive read. A Dom and his naughty boy, who enjoys getting into trouble. Fantastic murder mystery. 

From the blurb:

There’s no antidote to the malignant craving for power and wealth.

Landry Carran should know better than to get involved in yet another murder mystery, but it was hardly his fault that someone dumped a dead body on the doorstep of Treasure Trove Antiques. He can’t resist recruiting his friends to help him play detective.

Meanwhile, Landry’s partner and Dom, Gage Roskam, is doing real detective work that proves hazardous to his health and brings with it the assistance of an annoying Englishman who Gage believes should be behind bars.

The case twists and turns across Seattle’s antique trade, and the bodies multiply. As clues are solved, it becomes apparent that those closest to Gage are in grave danger. He’ll need to control his errant sub, deal with the most irritating Brit ever born and solve the case if he wants to prevent more death.

Reader advisory: The Poison Bottle contains scenes of violence, abduction and murder.

Janet's Review:

The Poison Bottle was my first read by this author. It definitely won’t be my last. 

Landry was a hoot, always getting into trouble. When he finds a dead body at the shop where he works, Gage, his partner and Dom are called in to investigate. 

The murder and mystery surrounding it are really good. Didn’t see all the twists and turns coming. 

There are some really great supportive, secondary cast members that help to make this story even more fun to read. Overall, a fantastic read, fun and addictive! 

The Poison Bottle is well written with pacing that will grab you and not let you go! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Lesetiger's Review:

I didn't know L.M Somerton as an author before. Since I am a crime fiction fan, the blurb appealed to me directly. 

On his way to the store where he works Landry finds a dead body. His partner and Dom Gage is the investigating detective on the case. 

Although Gag has asked Landry to stay out of the case, Landry keeps getting into trouble. I liked Landry, he is a bit dramatic and loves to call out punishments from his Dom. Gage is a wonderful Dom for him.

Besides the crime case to solve, you learn quite a bit about their private relationship. I liked this mixture very much. 

There were also interesting secondary characters. 

The murder and the investigation were excitingly wrapped up and there were one or two surprising twists.

I enjoyed the wonderful writing style and The Poison Bottle will certainly not be my last book by L.M. Somerton. A fun, entertaining and exciting read.

Rating: 5 Stars

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