The Hunter and His Mates (Kincaid Pack #4) by Kiki Clark

Angel continues reading through the Kincaid Pack series and calls The Hunter and His Mates "my favorite of the series by far!!" 

From the blurb:

As personal assistant to a powerful alpha of a large pack, there are certain rules Jamie has for himself to make sure he’s successful at his job.

First, nothing and no one gets to the alpha without his say so.

Second, schedules will be enforced for everyone. At all costs.

Third, a certain Enforcer with an enticing scent and scarred face is not to be stared at, drooled over, and/or daydreamed about.

And fourth, human hunters are never, ever mate material—no matter what their smiles or Southern drawls do to him.

But what if his own rules are preventing Jamie from finding something unique and magical and hotter than he could ever imagine? Because being caught between a grumpy cougar and a dangerous hunter was the last place Jamie thought he should be… but it might just be exactly where he needs to be to find both of his fated mates.

The Hunter and His Mates is the fourth book in the bestselling Kincaid Pack series, which is most enjoyable when read in order. This installment is an MMM romance featuring a scentless human trying to make a home in a pack of shifters, an Enforcer with mild PTSD and a possessive streak a mile wide, and the sweet little hawk who adores them both.

Angel's Review:

"Oh Feathers!!"

The Hunter and His Mates by Kiki Clark has been my absolute favorite by far! There was so much depth and details in the action scenes and with the characters, it was truly incredible to experience reading this.  

Jaimie, Gabriel and Drake at first glance might not look like they are meant for each other.... But they are. I really enjoyed how Kiki had these three take their time and was supportive of Drake needing more time to feel like he was allowed to have something good.  They all fell for each other before they even knew Gabriel's scent, which in my opinion added so much to the development of their relationship. And then when they could scent him? It was claiming time!

In the previous books in the series Gabriel was made out to be cocky and arrogant, as though he didn't care about anyone but himself. That couldn't be farther from the truth. He cares about his new pack and about Jaimie and Drake. He is his own character and has his own personality that I really enjoyed. 

He may be human but he is still strong and will protect those that are close to him with everything that he'd got. Can I also just say that I love how Gabriel calls Drake kitty cat. 

Drake is a character whom I wanted to learn more about. He was in the other books but there really wasn't any massive details about who he was as a character. In this book we got to see more of who Drake is. He's scarred and scared and doesn't believe he deserves to have good things, but with the help of his mates he's able to start believing that he does deserve to be happy. 

Jaimie, oh sweet Jaimie. I absolutely adored how Kiki wrote his character. I honestly didn't think that Jaimie would be my favorite character in this book but I was wrong. He's so sweet and shy but he can also be protective and determined. 

Overall this has been the best so far in my opinion. The action scenes and the overall story arc in this one was absolutely exceptional! I am so intrigued by Damien I need him to have his own book, along with Samantha. 

I'm also very curious about what the journals going to say, I'm onto the next book to find out. 

It's safe to say I highly recommend this book! 

Rating: 5 Stars

The Hunter and His Mates is currently available as an e-book, audiobook and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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