#TeaserTuesday: Ollie & Bash: On Cravenwood Block by AD Ellis

For this week's teaser, we have an excerpt from the next book in AD Ellis' On Cravenwood Block series, Ollie & Bash

From the blurb:

Ollie isn’t one to hold back, so when he sees a sexy older man in the Cravenwood diner, he goes right ahead and opens his mouth. Getting shot down doesn’t deter him, but maybe he should focus more on the new boss he’s getting at work before he continues trying to hook up with the stranger.

Sebastian is one bad situation from considering himself washed-up. He took the job on Cravenwood Block as a stepping stone up and out of the hole he’s found himself in, but he has no plans to stick around. If he could just find a place to live and get started on working through this temporary obstacle, he’d be feeling a bit more confident.

Ollie and Sebastian don’t have any business getting involved, but fate seems to have different plans. Too many things keep bringing them together—forcing both men to see maybe there’s more between them than their messed-up pasts.

*Ollie & Bash: On Cravenwood Block is a steamy, opposites-attract, roommates-to-lovers, boss/employee, age-gap M/M romance featuring a man not looking for love and a younger music director with no filter.*


“Don’t make it obvious,” I warned, sitting at a table in the Cravenwood diner, “but see that guy two tables over?”

My friend, Leighton, immediately craned his head, totally making it obvious. “The old guy?”

I scoffed. “He’s not old, he’s distinguished.”

“Careful who you’re calling old,” my half-brother, Julian, said. “He looks right about my age.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Nah, I’d say about forty.”

Julian nodded. “Like I said, about my age. Thirty-five and forty aren’t that far apart.”

“Anyway, what about him?” Leighton asked, casting another look toward the man in question.

“He’s hot, right?” I asked.

Julian snorted and Leighton shrugged. “I mean, I go more for tatted and dangerous looking…”

“Yeah, yeah, we know you’ve got a thing for the new tattoo artist on the block, but we’re talking about me right now. You don’t think the guy is hot?”

“He’s a lot older than you,” Julian said, ever protective.

“I’m twenty-four, not sixteen. Plus, this guy doesn’t strike me as old. The new director I’m getting at work is old, probably wrinkly, bald, and decrepit. Hell, the words we’ve heard so far include experienced, sophisticated, and seasoned—like he’s a fucking rotisserie chicken.”

Julian chuckled in that quiet way he had—his caring, protective, quiet demeanor served him well as the apartment complex manager. He never got terribly up-in-arms about anything, just took life as it came. “Those words aren’t synonymous with ancient, elderly, or geriatric. I’d just take it to mean the new director has a lot of experience and will be good for the education center.”

I shook my head as our food was placed in front of us. “Whatever. Guarantee he walks with a cane, sports a comb-over, and probably has dentures.” I waved off Julian’s protest. “Back to hot guy. What do you think?”

“He’s attractive,” Julian conceded. “Not my type, but he definitely has appeal.”

“He reminds me of a funky, old owl,” Leighton said, picking lettuce, tomato, and onion from his burger. “And not old old, just funky, hipster…wise is the word I think I’m looking for.”

“Why don’t you just order your food the way you want it?” I asked, smiling at my friend, but completely agreeing with funky, wise owl to describe the hottie I’d been ogling across the diner.

“Just easier than asking for it without. It’s no big deal to pick it off.” Leighton shrugged.

“Wanna bet I can get his number and or suck him off before the lunch rush is over?” I asked, already getting a thrill from the prospect of hitting on the guy and seeing where it could go.

Julian pinched the bridge of his nose. “Dear Lord, no,” he grumbled, even as Leighton nodded enthusiastically. My brother shot an incredulous look between Leighton and me. “This is why the two of you should never be allowed together on your own. You’re terrible influences on each other.”

“Hey,” I said, indignant. “I stopped Leighton from wearing booty shorts to the tattoo shop on his first trip there. That’s gotta count for something.”

Leighton nodded solemnly. “It’s true. He did. But if my baby cakes tattoo hottie doesn’t let me see how well he can use his gun soon, I’m gonna have to break the shorts out.”

Julian scowled. “I thought you said the tattoo guy was straight?”

Leighton shrugged. “Pretty sure he is, but we’re working our way to bestie status, and after that, the sky’s the limit.”

Julian closed his eyes and sighed. “We should pay the bill and head out.”

“No, no, let me at least try to get his number.” I slid from the booth. “Gimme five minutes.”

“You go, girl,” Leighton said, always my cheerleader. But Julian was right, Leighton and I were not a good combination when left on our own together.

I took a quick detour to the restroom just to check there was nothing in my teeth and my dark red hair—seriously, with indoor lighting, it almost looked brown—was on point. Mischief stared back at me from deep brown eyes and I smiled. This guy wasn’t going to know what hit him.

Striding confidently toward his table, I pulled the chair out, turned it around, and straddled it while giving him what I knew to be a sexy, flirty smile.

He looked up from whatever he was reading and scowled, glancing around the diner. “Um, may I help you?”

“You most definitely can. You see, I’m in desperate need of your phone number so we can get a date—or something similar—” I said with a wink, “set up soon.” I pulled out my phone, ready to tap in his digits. “And I’m Ollie, by the way, just so you know what to moan when you’re imagining me later.”

The man studied me as if I was alien life speaking gibberish, leaned back in his chair, and crossed his arms over his chest. “Does that sort of crass behavior often work for you?”

“If you mean do I get plenty of digits and set up a fair number of encounters, yeah, for sure.” I wiggled my phone. “Don’t leave me hangin’, man.”

“Look, Oliver,” he began.

“It’s Ollie.”

“Oliver seems more like a child who is acting out and needs reprimanded.” He raised his brow. “And if the shoe fits.”

I narrowed my eyes, suddenly not as in love with my funky, wise old owl.

Ollie & Bash comes out August 1st and is available for pre-order!   If  you haven't started the On Cravenwood Block series, I recommend checking out our review of Jett & Leighton and add start that one today!