Spanish Siesta by CF White (Flying Into Love #2)


Spanish Siesta is the second story in the Flying Into Love series. It is a fantastic friends to lovers romance!! 

From the blurb:

Matt Robinson just got dumped. Again. With his sister’s wedding on the horizon, he needs a plus one.

Kieran Barker has been in love with his straight best friend for far too long. It’ll never happen. Having already been left behind when Matt went to university, Kieran can’t take more heartbreak.

So when Matt invites Kieran to spend a whole week with him on the island of Majorca, Kieran can’t let himself think there’s more to it than lads on tour. All he can do is play the field to take his mind off the hot, rugby honed body of his oldest mate. Sexy men are in abundance in Magaluf, right? Matt only wants to cop off with the bridesmaid anyway.

But when Matt’s overprotectiveness about Kieran’s late-night escapades borders on jealousy, can he even dare to think that there’s more to their years of flirtations than simple bromance?

And can Matt really acknowledge his feelings when they’ll soon be returning to England, with him back to the university rugby team and two hundred miles away from Kieran?

Spanish Siesta (Flying into Love #2) is a Contemporary, Friends to Lovers, Bisexual Awakening, Forced Proximity MM Romance featuring a hot-headed rugby Fly-Half struggling with his emotions and an out-and-proud wannabe dancer suffering from unrequited love.

Janet's Review:

Spanish Siesta is the second story in the Flying Into Love series. It is a fantastic friends to lovers romance!! 

Matt and Kieran have been secretly crushing on each other for years. Matt needs a plus one to a family wedding. He invites his best friend Kieran along. Matt has been away at uni, so getting together means that their bond will strengthen. But when gorgeous men are vying for Kieran’s attention, Matt comes to a realization. Loved, loved, loved Matt and Kieran!! 

This was such a fun read with several laugh out loud moments. Sweet and steamy. 

Overall, an excellent story! Really well written with great pacing that will hook you.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I've loved both books in the Flying Into Love series, but Spanish Siesta outpaces the first book by a hair, because I'm totally a sucker for a clueless best friend who has his bi-awakening while on holiday with his bestie after breaking up with his girlfriend... and only one bed...  especially since that friend has been pining for him forever...

Spanish Siesta was a fast paced read with so much sweet, a dose of heat and laughs along the way... it was a perfect summer read and one to take with you if you're off on an adventure of your own!

Rating: 5 Stars

Laora's Review:

C.F. White is one of my favorite writers, the writing style, flow, humour and descriptions of persons, situations and places are captivating

This second book in the 'Flying into love' series is for me another well balanced book, and I can I tell you I got some funny looks when I had to laugh out loud. Kieran who has been in love with his best friend, Matt, since childhood. Matt who has always chosen Kieran over his former girlfriends and is confrontated with feelings he does not / can not name.

When they are abroad for a wedding in Matt his family, things become clear for him, or are they? The family dynamics are a good backdrop to Kieran and Matt their story.

I enjoyed Spanish Siesta with tropes as bi sexual awakening, forced proximity, best friends to lovers.
I am already looking forward to book three in this fun series full of men who find thier hea.

Rating: 5 Stars

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