Rogue (Mike Bravo Ops #2) by Eden Finley

"I could be his everything if he let me. But I need to earn that"

From the Rogue blurb:


I remember the first time I met Dylan Rodriguez. It was one sweaty encounter I’ll never forget.

The second time we met, he arrested me. I can still see the hot scowl on his beautiful face as he slapped handcuffs on me and realized I was … me.

Dylan’s main goal in life is to forget he ever met me. My goal is to make him mine.

Turns out, I'm better at this game than he is.


When my law enforcement career falls to pieces in front of my own eyes, I don’t know who I can trust.

I have nowhere to go. No one to turn to.

Asking Trav for help is a last resort, but I’m desperate.

If he can’t get me out of this mess, I may as well turn myself over to the guys hunting me down.

I’m not sure which will be more difficult: protecting my life or my heart.

Because when it comes to love, my heart wants what my brain doesn’t. It wants Travis West.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

After reading Iris' book simply titled Iris, I mistakenly thought his boss Trav was going to be more of the serious sort most of the time. Boy was I REALLY REALLY wrong. Trav, simply put, is one of the biggest goofballs I have ever read. The man always has a witty remark coming out of his mouth. A mouth that doesn't ever seem to close unless it's doing something in the bedroom. Frankly I found him hilarious. It was like he was wearing me down along with Dylan as part of his charm.

Dylan, or Rogue as Trav calls him (there's a story there), is pretty straight laced so to speak. As a DEA agent he sees things in terms of black and white, when in reality there are so many different shades of grey in between. Trav works within those shades. It takes an unexpected turn of events that puts Dylan on the run for him to start seeing that maybe Trav is right. Which means, maybe Trav is right about some other things, such as how amazing they could be if they hooked up again.

He may have been the last person Dylan wanted to turn to for help, but Trav is going to protect Dylan with his life. He's also determined to show him what he already knows, the two of them are inevitable. They can run, but they can't hide from the chemistry sparking between them and it isn't long until the clothes start coming off. That is until the bullets start flying and then its time to run again.

The ending of this one is actually pretty cute. I really enjoyed the story of Dylan and Trav. I have a feeling Atlas might be next in line for a book. He's currently undercover and I was dying in laughter when we find out what he's going to be doing. I also adore how it comes out how much of a romantic Atlas is. He's looking for true love and I honestly cannot wait until he finds it.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Okay - I was not ready for the snark factor to be so high in this book... You'd think, with it being the boss' story that you'd see a serious and business minded man.... and he's in there somewhere, but for the most part, Trav is so much not that guy   In fact, one of my favourite interactions from the book is:
‘You shouldn’t be called Mike Bravo, you should be Overgrown Frat Boys with Weapons.’

‘I tried that. Didn’t fit on the business card.’

That being said, this book was classic Eden Finley - opposites attract, one character doggedly pursuing the other and wearing him down, and like the first book in the Mike Bravo series, lots of intrigue, suspense, some people get shot and there's even some structural damage... all while Dylan tries not to get killed or fall in love....

Rogue was well paced, laugh out loud funny in places, and still managed some sweet, lots of steam and great character development!   I'm really hoping we get Atlas' story next - or at least get to know more about what's happening with his undercover assignment...

Rating: 5 Stars

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