Review: Sins of Our Sons by Kristian Daniels

"I read a lot and recommend few, but this is one I do recommend. Sins of Our Sons grabbed me as two guys go through so much to be out and together.  I felt the connection between these two guys that nothing could break. This story held my attention and gave me a book hangover." From our reviewer, Reed. 

From the blurb:

Young lovers Greg and Tyler secretly meet to spend time together, until a moment of passion by the moonlight throws their lives into chaos. 

When their parents learn about their little escapade, it opens a Pandora’s box that spreads family discord, resentment, and heartaches. When someone adds fuel to an already fragile situation, things get out of hands quickly. 

Will these two young lovers stay safe? How much can they endure before they break?

Reed's Review:

Sins of Our Sons is the first story I’ve ready from this author. It really touched me. It is heart wrenching. Two guys in high school have this attraction to each other, but being gay is nothing anyone wants to have said about them in a small social group.  Yet Greg and Tyler can’t stop this attraction even though they come close to being caught and outed more than once.  What should have been a celebration of two people finding each other becomes secretive, meeting and hiding feelings because they know they won’t be accepted.

As so often in any group of people, there is one who feels entitled, and that is Elaine. She has been raised to understand anything she wants her parents will give her. At school, anything she needs or wants, she can always find a way to blackmail someone in to getting her way. The trouble starts when Greg is honest with a guy Elaine is supposed to be dating, yet she wants to go out with Greg. She finds out he is gay and lets a few of the wrong people know it.

From here, things get out of hand. As with a group, there are a range of beliefs. Some parents accept the child as their child. Some refuse to. Greg’s dad is a religious diehard when it comes to being gay. He refuses to allow his son to be gay. So much goes on from there. Friends and other kids at school act in what is expected. Some don’t care and others pass on the gossip. Greg and Tyler are just trying to deal with the pressure from others. Elaine steps up her game to push as many people as she feels necessary to maintain her lifestyle and it all combusts. 

I think the author did a great job of character development. Also, the situations and settings are so well described that it made me scared and sad as the story progressed. I feel this was a real look at what should no longer be the issue it is. I also appreciate the author’s way of ending the story. It is not a hea for everyone, but it ties up all the where are they now that I would have questioned. This is one of those stories that gave me a book hangover. Sins of Our Sons is a very memorable story. The author will be one I will watch.

Rating: 5 Stars