Review: The Deputy and His Enforcer (Kincaid Pack #3) by Kiki Clark

Can The Deputy and The Enforcer get out of their own ways long enough to realize they're meant for each other? Angel continues reading through the Kincaid Pack series with book 3.

From the blurb:

A deputy bent on finding the truth and the Enforcer whose job it is to stop him...
Nothing is more important to Marcus Rivera than protecting his pack, so he doesn’t understand why he has the sudden urge to tell a nosy human deputy things he shouldn’t. Marcus follows the rules. Always. But something about Robson’s scent has him tempted to break them. The gorgeous red-head Deputy Robson Medina has been following has a secret. He just knows it, and he won’t stop looking until he finds out everything he can about the alluring man. Even if the idea of Marcus being a criminal seems less and less likely the more Robson learns. As the tension between them continues to grow, it stokes a fire inside Marcus he’s never felt before. One that’s driving him to trust his wolf’s instincts and release the stranglehold Marcus has always had on his control. But when Robson gets a painful glimpse of the magical world Marcus lives in, they have to decide how much they’re willing to risk to have it all. The Deputy and The Enforcer is the third book in the Kincaid Pack series and features a wolf shifter in need of a family, a Puerto Rican human with more than his fair share, furry cuddles, creative mating practices, and a happily ever after.

Angel's Review:

The Deputy and The Enforcer by Kiki Clark is the third in the Kincaid Pack series. This one tells the story of Robson, who's the Deputy, and Marcus, who's the enforcer. These two were like oil and water. If I would have to put this into a trope, in would be enemies to lovers. They just keep misunderstanding each other and then judge each other on that. I enjoyed Robson's crazy theories about what the pack members were up to. I think this story was more of a slow burn than the rest of them have been so far. Still good! Just slower than the others. The reason I'm not giving this a 5 star rating is because I just wasn't a big fan of Robson's character. He got on my nerves. I highly recommend this book and this series. I'm onto number 4 now! I'm so excited to see what intel Gabriel, Jaimie, and Drake are going to find!

Rating: 4 Stars

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