Past Life Lover by S. Rodman

Past Life Lover is another great and quite unique story from S. Rodman.

From the blurb:

Who knew putting the bins out could be life changing?

Sam is cleaning up his bar after closing time when out of nowhere a beautiful man jumps literally into his arms and won't let go.

He soon discovers that the gorgeous stranger, Tally, has had a very traumatic night.

So all this talk of them being lovers in a past life and Tally escaping from hell to be with him again, must just be trauma induced delusions.

It has to be? Right?

There is no way this sweet looking young man is a reincarnated dark lord.

But Sam doesn't mind looking after Tally until he feels better. It's not like the poor man has anywhere else to go.

It’s not like one good deed will lead to his life being turned upside down and inside out. Will it?

So what if strange things start to happen? Such as hell hounds and then Lucifer's husband showing up.

Tally might just well be worth it. Tally might just be worth everything.

Jacquie's Review:

This book interconnects with the authors books Dark Mate Chained and Omega Alone. It isn't necessary to have read these first (I haven't read Omega Alone), but it would help to read Dark Mate Chained in my opinion. Otherwise it does work as a standalone.

Past Life Lover starts with Tally jumping into Sam's arms, finally reunited with his lost love. 

Sam is immediately taken by the stranger and decides to take him in, get him hospital treatment and look after him. 

Tally has taken the body of Benji, an addict with a pimp, and as such he goes through withdrawal.

For a book with such dark undertones, the majority of the content was light until you thought about it. Some of what Tally does, or has done, is pretty dark, but I enjoyed the characters and liked that they weren't all good. I prefer a morally gray character.

Sam and Tally were cute together and I loved the idea of Tally waiting to be with his lover again. They really had to work for their HEA but it was lovely.

Rating: 4 Stars

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Paranormal. Quick read. 

When a young man jumps into his arms, bar owner Sam doesn’t hesitate to help the hurt and most certainly delusional man. But Tally has a hard time convincing Sam that they were lovers two thousand years ago and Tally has worked all this time for them to be together again. 

It is too bad we don’t get Tally’s POV as he is committed to his love for Sam, no matter the time, place or body he will sacrifice everything to be with Sam again. 

Sam is protective and sweet because even though he is tempted he doesn’t want to take advantage of Tally. 

This story was entertaining but had so much more potential for the world build, with possibly more background on secondary characters and more sharing of Tally and Sam’s past lives it would have given the book more depth. Perhaps that’s the author’s intent to leave the reader wanting more, and I am here for it.

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

I wasn't expecting the cuteness factor at all after having only read the Evil Omega series by this author. Tally was truly adorable and like Sam, I couldn't help but fall in love with him. Poor Sam. He's just living his everyday life when he's accosted into a bear hug by a sweet twink he's never met. He had no idea said twink was going to change his life forever. Nor did he know that this was definitely not the first time they met. Sam's life was going to take a turn for the weird so to speak.

My heart felt for Tally the most. Banished to hell, waiting thousands of years to find his soulmate again. Then when he does, Sam doesn't remember him or anything about their past life. Try explaining to the everyday human that they are your lover reincarnated from thousands of years ago. You can bet it didn't go over too well and Sam spends much of the book thinking Tally is stuck in some sort of delusion. That is, until weird things start popping up in his bedroom such as a demon and Lucifer's main squeeze. There really isn't much one can argue against after that.

The romance was sweet. No matter what Tally wouldn't be deterred. He was going to make Sam fall in love with him again. Honestly, he didn't have to try all that hard. Tally and all his innocence of the modern world was strangely endearing. He was one of those MCs you wanted to wrap up in a warm blanket and snuggle to death. You can't help but adore him. I really do wish this book was alternating POV so that we got to be in his head as well as Sam's.

Jinx was certainly an intriguing side character and I am excited that his book is next. It will be interesting to see how the author is going to deal with his communication issues as he is new to the world as well and cannot speak. As far as I know, he doesn't appear to know any sign language either. I will say his fashion sense is quite striking and I can't wait to learn more things about him when his book debuts.

Rating: 4 Stars

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