Nerdy Talk by Joelle Lynne


“Please tell me the universe doesn’t hate me,”I begged her. 

“I think you’re being overly dramatic,”was her reply. 

“You’ve seen him, right? The new employee?”

She looked around the corner and then turned to me, a smug smirk firmly in place. “You mean the guy that had his tongue shoved down your throat on Friday night?” - Conversation between Micah & Lilly, Nerdy Talk

From the Nerdy Talk blurb:

Two nerds - One Lab

Who will come out on top!

For the last several years I haven’t felt very confident, my ex made sure of that. Working in a medical lab can make it easy to hide. When my flirty new coworker bursts onto the scene, he's the distraction I don't need. I'm content to come in and do my job, but he's determined to insert himself into my life. He’s exhausting, yet funny, and makes me feel wanted. Am I ready to feel attractive again?


I moved here for my sister and my family. When Thalia got sick, she became my world. I knew I’d do anything to take care of her, even taking a job outside of my comfort zone. When I meet Micah and we almost share a night of passion, I’m convinced meaningless hookups are no longer what I want. The problem is convincing him to want the same. There’s something about him that I want to protect. My dirty lab puns and nerdy talk might drive him a little crazy, but I’m determined to win him over.

Nerdy Talk is an Opposites Attract, Nerd/Playboy romance with lots of laboratory references and a nosy well-meaning best friend. It’s Nerdy, it’s deep, it’s sexy and extra sweet.

Heather's Review:

Nerdy Talk is exactly as advertised... two nerds, one confident and the other whose confidence needs stroking, lots of lab references and a lot of sweet...  There's an interesting combination of steamy and fade to black that just fits these characters and the storyline and an epilogue that delivers a sweet HEA message.  It also features the pushy work bestie who works hard to bring the boys together.

It's is a great, low angst, fairly quick beach read. especially if you like to take a walk on the nerdy side.  It delivers sweet, steam and fun characters that it was a pleasure to get to know more about.

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

Nerdy Talk was seriously fun to read!! 

Micah is stiff and closed off. I kind of struggled with his character in the beginning but quickly grew to love him. He’s been cheated on and now struggles to accept any new relationship. He meets Lucas one night at a bar and they share a hot kiss, but Lucas leaves. They meet when Lucas hires into the lab that Micah works at and learns that Micah will be his trainer in order to get the promotion he wants. 

Lucas was another matter, I adored him!! Lucas has uprooted his life in order to be closer to his sister who is in the hospital where Micah and Lucas both work. 

They had serious chemistry! Great sass, banter and silly puns! Nerdy Talk is a bit angsty but also sweet and left me smiling! I was kept glued to the pages! 

Overall, a fantastic read. The story was really well written, the pacing flowed nicely, highly recommend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Nerdy Talk is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription