Mage Bond - Eden Winters

Mage Bond is set in a new fantasy world created by Eden Winters. Two young men meet and experience their first brush with love, but don't meet again until years later. Where they live, anyone with magic must keep it hidden, but a bonded pair could mean a set of powerful mages able to take on their oppression. This story is about a fight for survival and a second chance to be together.

From the blurb:

A long-ago meeting sets fate into motion…

As captain of the city guards, Martin protects E'Skaara by day. At night, he creeps in shadows to defend the citizens from predators most cannot see. He's escaped from his past as a mage-born lad who'd nearly destroyed a village in self-defense. The three things he can't so easily elude? Rage at a deity who condemns mages to death, memories of a pirate who saved him, and the magic he must conceal.

Tavernkeeper Peter keeps secrets. Secrets that can get him killed: his desire for men, a pirate past, and magical abilities. He should run from the one place mages cannot be safe, but yearning for a lost love binds him to where they shared their last kiss, waiting for one more glimpse of a dear face.

When dark forces reunite them, the magic both men try so hard to hide might just be their salvation.

SNik's Review:

Mage Bond is a fantasy adventure featuring second chance & bond mates. 

When Petran rescues Arkenn they are young men just discovering that they may have magical talents, and for a short period of time are strongly drawn to each other until circumstances have them separate. 

Years later both men have changed their names and forged new identities, to hide their past and their magical abilities, Petran the former pirate’s son is now Peter a tavern owner and Arkenn is now a city guard named Martin. 

There is a lot of intriguing world building explaining why mages are persecuted and more action surrounding mage training and fighting against those preying on anyone with magic in their blood. 

Once Peter and Martin reunite they slowly reignite their feelings and realize their mage bond may be the turning point to help all magical born beings. 

An enjoyable and entertaining story although I do wish we spent more time with Peter and Martin together as their long lasting love for each other was swoony and steamy. I could read so much more about Peter and Martin joining their magic together and traveling to help others for their HEA.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Mage Bond is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription