Landon (Cerberus MC Series #22) by Marie James

Landon is a fantastic best friends to enemies to lovers story. Phenomenal storytelling!!! 

From the blurb:

He ruined a lifelong friendship the night he kissed me.

I spent the next three years avoiding him.

Well… I tried at least.

With my dad being a member of the Cerberus MC and his dad married to one of the members it was virtually impossible.

Just like it was impossible to keep from watching his mouth when he spoke.

The same went for staring at his hands and remembering how they felt on my skin that night.

Senior year of college, after years of keeping our distance, we ended up in the same dorm room.

Avoiding him now is no longer an option…

Landon is a bi-awakening, best friends to enemies to lovers novel. 

Janet's Review:

Landon takes place in the Cerberus universe!! 

Landon and Rick are the next generation of the Cerberus club members. 

Years ago Landon and Rick were victims in a crime. Rick professed his love, and Landon pushed Rick away. But with their families being members of Cerberus, they are put in close proximity to each other, Landon avoids him. When in college though, they end up having to room together. 

Overall, this is a fantastic best friend to enemies to lovers, bi-awakening story! Phenomenal story telling that is well written. I couldn't put it down, sooo freakin good! Highly recommend!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Landon is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription