His Lethal Desire (West Coast Mobsters) by Leighton Greene

A hitman with his own set of rules, Jack is sent by his boss to find a missing actress, but meeting her flirtatious twin brother Miller may end up being another bad decision Jack can't and won't walk away from. His Lethal Desire is the first in a new mobster series with all the grit, action and steam that readers expect from author Leighton Greene. 

From the blurb:

There’s nothing more lethal than a hitman in love.

Johnny “Jack” Jacopo was once the Castellani Family’s top hitman, but one terrible mistake saw him kicked back down the ladder. So when the Boss orders him to look into the disappearance of a Hollywood starlet, Jack sees an opportunity to rise back up the Family ranks.

His first move is to question the missing actress’s twin brother. Miller Beaumont is charming, gorgeous, flirty…and he’s the same guy who was hitting on Jack in a bar the night before.

Jack tries to keep things strictly business, but Miller has access to inside information that Jack needs to solve the case. And it’s just too tempting when Miller proposes that they team up to find his sister.

As their search leads them into danger, Jack finds he has more to lose than he ever expected. Someone is coming after Miller, and Jack finds himself torn between duty to his Family and his own foolish heart.

Because despite himself, Jack is making one more mistake, the biggest of them all, the one dumb thing he swore he’d never do.

He’s falling in love.


His Lethal Desire is the first book in the West Coast Mobsters series. Follow the men of the Los Angeles underworld in this page-turning romantic suspense series as they find love, danger and mystery in the most unexpected places.

Each book in West Coast Mobsters tells the love story of a different couple who find their happy ending, as well as a resolution to the mystery they're investigating, but there are cliffhangers to the wider suspense plot for the series. 

SNik's Review:

His Lethal Desire is the first in series (West Coast Mobsters). Mystery/suspense/action. Slight age gap. Dual POV. 

Loyalty is everything in the mafia, and Jack is in limbo waiting to either kill or be killed for his past bad decisions, and unsure if he will ever regain his status in the Family. Being asked by the boss himself to investigate a starlet's disappearance, Jack finds her twin Miller is also the man he has flirted with and could be another bad decision in the making. Miller is drawn to Jack and finds that the competent hitman also has his own moral rules and as they work together to find Miller’s sister they share more than just physical attraction. 

A lot of investigating, action, and steam; this story is filled with suspense and leaves you guessing about every secondary character’s motivations. Miller and Jack together are fun and swoony with enough lighthearted banter to balance the darker tones of the mystery. I felt like Miller and Jack “got” each other and fit well together, the protective dangerous Jack and the slightly lost and affectionate Miller. 

There is a slight cliffhanger (as noted in the author’s content warnings), and I am so happy with Miller and Jack’s HFN and to see where the series ends up taking each couple for hopefully a fantastic HEA.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

His Lethal Desire is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription