Fangscreen (Holidays of Love, #5) by Ellen Mint

As obvious by the cover, Fangscreen was a hilarious fluffy summer rom-com.  

From the blurb:

Summer bites.

What could be more pathetic than a vampire trapped on a tropical island? Jareth Hale despises everything about his exile to SamanĂ¡ from the tourists’ necks slathered in sunscreen to the blaring sun overhead. He’ll do anything to return to his vampire castle in the forest until he falls onto Laiken, a sun-kissed beach himbo.

Laiken is sweeter than spun sugar and hotter than Adonis in a Jacuzzi. He’s perfect…except for one tiny thing. He is a vampire hunter—possibly. Jareth isn’t certain. Despite his vampire leader and ex telling him to stay away, Jareth believes flushing out this nest of hunters will earn him back his castle. And, if it keeps him in the orbit of the adorable, golden-skinned Laiken, then all the better.

Unbeknownst to him, Laiken is hiding a secret that will change everything in Jareth’s undeath. All Jareth thought he wanted and deserved was solitude, but Laiken’s opening his eyes to a whole new world. Can an old vampire open his heart and coffin in time to catch this impossible love?

Nicole's Review:

Vampires and other mystical creatures don’t always mix well, but this pair was perfect. 

Laiken's Himbo-ness makes him irresistible, and it was a joy to watch Jareth be drawn in like a moth to flame.  

I have not read the previous books in this series and had no issues following the plot or storyline in Fangscreen. 

I do think I will go back and read them now, because this was an absolute perfect summer beach read.

Book 5, but reads as standalone. 

Rating: 5 Stars