A Bridge to Forever by N. Dune

CrazyPinkIrish and Janet both reviewed A Bridge to Forever, a standalone novel by N. Dune.

From the blurb:


Left with a sense of guilt at his failure to protect his childhood friend, Raz has lost his way in the
darkness that consumes him.
A chance meeting with another man allows him to regain some control of his life… Will he take it?
How could this affect his relationship with the one man who has always stood by him?


Faced with his own heartbreak, Ben struggles to continue supporting his boyfriend in the way he knows that Raz needs. He wants to move forward, pull away from the despair that has surrounded them for months and give them both time to heal and make a future together, but is that what Raz still wants?
A friend’s kidnapping and the loss of a family member has left Raz and Ben in immense pain, but with no physical wound to show for it. The size of the chasm between them has continued to grow as they attempt to live side by side but not together. How will they begin to build a bridge and heal the gaping wound between them?

Is it too late for these two lovers to reconnect and overcome the darkness that threatens to pull them apart forever?

A Bridge to Forever is a standalone steamy MM romance set in the Beyond the Tide world.

CrazyPinkIrish's Review:

A very real look into a loving relationship and it highlights the struggles, the roller coaster of it all and how it is dealt with. Low angst, steamy and just an utterly captivating journey that captures Ben and Raz perfectly 

 After all their trials I'm glad they managed to pull their heads out of the dark and just be happy.

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

A Bridge to Forever just about broke me. It’s an emotionally charged story. 

Ben and Raz have both had to deal with tragedy in their past and must work their way back to one another. I felt so many emotions and pain reading this. T

heir struggle felt like was mine, I was so vested and engaged in the story. Ben and Raz’s story felt so realistic to me. They were so lost in their grief, it was heartbreaking. They faced challenges and came out stronger together. 

Overall, this is a phenomenal story that truly feels realistic. Very well written with wonderful pacing.

Rating: 5 Stars

A Bridge to Forever is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription