Violent Desire (Blackrose Brotherhood book 1) by Ariana Nash

"Okay. Give me all the supposedly unfeeling murdery vampire babes. I want them now please and thanks." "A vampire series by Ariana Nash? Hell yes!" Our reviewers loved Violent Desire. From the blurb: 12 immortals, 12 outcasts, 1 mission. Kill their own kind, before it’s too late.
Detective, killer, vigilant. Eric Sharpe is tired of watching criminals walk free. When a low-life drug-dealer kills his partner and escapes justice, Eric plots his own revenge. His plan is faultless, but for one thing: The handsome, mysterious man who arrives moments before Eric’s plan comes to fruition. Not only does the mysterious man know Eric’s an undercover cop, he knows exactly what Eric did fifteen years ago—an event so traumatic Eric has been trying to bury it ever since. And the mysterious man? Fifteen years ago, Eric killed him. Now he’s back to reclaim what’s his: Detective Eric Sharpe. Immortal. Predator. Vampire. After betraying himself and the Blackrose Brotherhood, Zaine can’t afford another mistake. There’s one rule above all others the Brotherhood stand by. One rule that can never be broken. Never, ever, care. All Zaine has to do is hunt and kill the savage nyktelios vampires and keep his head down. And he was doing just fine, until saving Detective Eric Sharpe from a vicious vampire attack. Zaine can’t stop thinking about the intelligent, handsome but haunted man. Walking away is the right thing to do, but the detective and Zaine are hunting the same killer—the same vampire—a vampire who knows more about the both of them, and the brotherhood, than anyone realizes. A vampire seeking to bring down the Blackrose Brotherhood, for good. Zaine can’t walk away. Eric won’t walk away. Brotherhood rules be damned, the vampire must be stopped, and they’ll go down fighting together to end him. *** Violent Desire is the first book in an all-new MM paranormal romance series. Each book features a new MM couple ending in a HEA/HFN. Content warning: These are adult books. There will be graphic, on-page depictions of sex, torture, and swearing. These vampires do not sparkle. They're relentless in their mission. They do bad shit for good reasons, and some do good shit for bad reasons. They DO NOT CARE. They have been described as psychopaths with fangs. Read at your own risk. Jacquie's Review: Vampires or Nyktelios as they are known here, fall into 2 categories, the Brotherhood and the rest. The Brotherhood are tasked with hunting the others, the agents of chaos. The world-building and characterisation is top notch. None of that pesky info dumping, all the information is woven into the story. As with all Nash's characters, none are squeaky clean. This is more apparent here. Eric has done things, does things on page, which makes him someone to be careful of. Zaine, while a vampire, is actually a sweetheart. He's had to distance himself from humanity but is the most human of them all. There's a lot of action, some surprises and steam. I'm really looking forward to where this series goes. I have a feeling that it's just safer not to trust any of them! Rating: 4.5 Stars Jacquleen the Reading Queen's Review: I have to say it. This new series opener was WAY more, well lovey, than the average Ariana Nash. I'm referring to her works such as the Silk and Steel or Prince's Assassin series. However, this book is the first in a series with each book about a different couple, while the aforementioned are multiple books with the same couple throughout more or less. There was less page time for the emotional connection to be teased since this is a single book. I totally dug it. Also, I definitely think Zaine was the perfect Vampire aka nyktelios to start us off. He's the youngest in the Brotherhood at 400 yrs old, meaning he is the one mostly likely to remember what caring for others is like. The best one to sort of pave the way for the others once their love interests come into play. "You've lived for so long, you've forgotten what it means to live in the moment." Eric is a detective and survivor of trauma as a teen no one should ever have had to go through. Now an adult he is no wilting flower which makes him the perfect partner for someone like Zaine. He can keep his cool under pressure and most of the time hold his own in a fight. Eric isn't afraid to get his hands dirty which is exactly what puts him on Zaine's radar in the first place. Zaine was actually way sweeter than I expected and I absolutely adored him. Like Eric, he has a moral compass which tended to get him into trouble with the Brotherhood. The world-building in this series is certainly interesting. There are definitely way more secrets being kept than we are told by the end. The leader of the brotherhood definitely intrigues me and he's the biggest mystery of all. I have a feeling he knows exactly what is happening between Eric and Zaine and it doesn't fit into his plans at all. The jury is still out on whether or not he's one of the good ones so to speak. I certainly don't trust him as far as one of the brothers could throw him and I look forward to watching his reactions as each of his men fall prey to love in their own books. Rating: 4.5 Stars

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