The Greek Word For Love by Rhys Everly

"The Greek World for Love is an engaging, well written story. UK meets Greek. Fantastic friends!!" Janet.

From the blurb:

Never have I ever… kissed another guy

Jimmy’s content with his Greek life.
He’s got his dad, a job and the best friends in the world.

Until Ren lands straight into his heart.

The English exchange student couldn’t be more different than Jimmy.
He’s happy, carefree, and unreserved.
And Jimmy can’t stop feeling some kind of way around him.

A dangerous way.

A way he hasn’t ever allowed himself to feel before.

Never have I ever wanted to kiss another guy

The Greek World for Love is a slow-burn, friends-to-lovers, coming out, new adult romance set against the backdrop of a chilled, Mediterranean city. 

Janet's Review:

The Greek World for Love is a well written story that the pacing will hook you. The story engaged me and I struggled to put it down. 

Loved Ren and Jimmy! Ren receives a scholarship and ends up in Thessaloniki in Greece. There he meets his contact Jimmy who is a fellow student and his friends. I freakin loved Jimmy’s friends, they were wonderful and so funny!! They were unselfish and just wanted Jimmy to be happy. 

Ren has always known he was gay, but Jimmy has been hiding it his whole life. It’s not quite illegal, recently became legal within the story line and time frame, but it’s definitely frowned upon. 

There were some homophobic slurs within the story that honestly felt all too realistic. Overall a fantastic read!! Well done!!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Greek World for Love is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription