Class 21/22 Giveaway: Dream (Jagged Love #0.5) by Remi Varlow

The Class 21/22 Giveaway on Prolific Works is offering 20 FREE stories from authors that have published for the first time in either 2021 or 2022.

Each of these 20k or fewer novellas are able to be read as a standalone, but you might find a new author that you love and want to check out their backlist!

Our review team is checking out a few of them and letting you know their thoughts. The link to the giveaway will be below.

Jacquie read Dream by Remi Varlow.

From the blurb:

Grave Merrik
I’ve Been An Enforcer
For The Reivers For So Long,
That I’m Dead Inside.
Then Dream Come To Town.
A Pink-Haired Sharp-Tongued Boy
Who Makes Me Come Alive.
I Don’t Care I Never Wanted
Another Man Before.
I Don’t Care Keeping Him Safe
Might Cost Me My Life.
Because As Soon As I Saw Him
I Knew I’D Do Anything
To Hold On To My Dream

If you like a sexy , dangerous , possessive protective hero who wears his heart on his sleeve for his man , Grave Merrik is the mc for you.

*Content Warnings: Be advised Dream contains scenes of violence and offensives language

Jacquie's Review:

As the prequel to the author's debut, it works well to get me interested in the first full book, I really want to go and read it now. We meet Cash and Johnny during the novella in their younger years.

I think it just needed a couple more pages just to really have me feeling Grave's feelings toward Dream. I did like them both but I just needed more. There was enough there to get a sense of both characters, some steam, and a bit of action too. I'd love a longer version of this.

There are some scenes of violence and homophobia 

Rating: 4 Stars

You can pick up Dream or any of the other stories that catch your attention at this link: