Write From the Heart by Erica Montrose

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Heather read Write From the Heart by Erica Montrose.

From the blurb:

Writing for a living was always my dream. I know my current success is due to my charming personality, my witty way with words, the support of my family, and a heaping helping of luck.

The one thing that would make my life absolutely perfect?


At least, I might have a shot at perfection as long as I can keep my pen name secret from my heart's desire: my biggest fan.

(Write From The Heart, the first novella in the Heartstrings trilogy, is a sweet student/professor romance that includes much pining, writing classes, competitive Scrabble, steamy sex and a guaranteed HEA. )

Heather's Review:

I was excited to see Erica Montrose in the MM Class of 2021/22 because I loved her first novel, As Much As I Try, and I was eager to see if she could do the same thing with a novella!  

Write From the Heart started out well... student has a crush on his prof and a secret,  prof starts to realize he has feelings for the same student... they clash over a fundamental issue - traditional vs. indie publishing and it opens the floodgates... but we still get a slow burn... 

And it's delicious!  I won't spoil the story but this is definitely a must read novella if you like the prof/student and unrequited crush genres... beautifully written and perfectly orchestrated to set up our need to read the next book in the series, run, don't walk to download Write From the Heart (and all 19 other freebies... because FREE books) and add this to the top of your TBR!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Class of 2021/22 Giveaway is over now, but you can still read Write from the Heart on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited