Book Blogger Hop: Forgetfulness

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Have you ever forgotten to post a review?

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Just this week I was so excited about hosting the author's release party for a new book that I left the book review post in drafts... I didn't forget to write the review, just to post it... which thankfully I caught and rectified the next day... Here's the review

Sometimes the sheer number of posts that need to go up from the team in a day mean that we sometimes post a book we've ARC'ed after release, but we try very hard to post and promote books on release day or the day we're scheduled to be part of a blog tour!

I am usually pretty good about putting all my upcoming reviews into my paper planner and our online review calendar, but sometimes they sneak up on me... luckily I'm a pretty fast reader!  What has really helped me get organized for the week is doing my upcoming ARC Tiktok posts where I gather all the titles I'm going to read for the week and share it - for fun and accountability!

Here's what I'm reading for the blog next week
@mmromancereviewed some delicious #ARC #mmromance #books for my #tbr from @alexsilver42 M.C. Roth, @saxon.james @katehawthornebooks & @authoremlindsey #gaybooktok #queerbooktok #booktok ♬ Worth It - Fifth Harmony
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  1. I am glad you rectified the situation. I am sure it was a one-time thing.

    I also have a paper planner and an online calendar and notes on a bulletin board. LOL!!

    1. I figure that the authors and publishers we work with know we're human...

  2. I write everything down too so I don't forget. I have never forgotten to post a review and I hope I never do!


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