The Hardest Fall by Rheland Richmond

The Hardest Fall deals with some emotional topics and is a true second chance hurt/comfort story...  

From the blurb:


I thought I had it all—an awesome family… mostly. A career I kinda like, and the man of my dreams.

But then life has a way of kicking me in the teeth when I least expect it. My prince turns out to be a toad. Okay, maybe it was too much to ask him to stick around when family responsibilities take over.

Who wants a man with baggage? No one. But I’m fine on my own. Right?


Moving back to my hometown was step one. Step two was finally finding my person only he’s definitely not supposed to be my new co-worker.

I’m determined to keep Connor in the friend zone but my heart seems to have other plans. Only Connor’s been burned before. How can I prove to him that not all men run when things get tough?

Will he give me a chance to show him I’m here to stay?

All I need is a chance to prove to him that falling isn’t so hard with the right one.

Heather's Review:

The Hardest Fall has a lot of emotion, a slow burn and a beautiful HEA.  If Cancer or ongoing illness is a trigger, you may want to give this one a pass, but otherwise I highly recommend this book.  Connor is just trying to hold on - balancing work, family and the hurt that comes from the end of a relationship.... Brett is looking to start over at a less hectic pace and enjoy life! 

This book has an adorable meet-cute, a co-worker slow burn and a bucketful of non-relationship angst, but it's well paced and has a good amount of steam once Connor and Brett get together...  

Rating: 5 Stars

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