Late Bloomer (Second Impressions Book 1) by Silvan Ash

Sweet, hapless Davey starts a new life, and finds his perfect match along the way.

From the Late Bloomer blurb:

Is a year and a half enough to turn friendship into love?

Davey Bloom – twenty-five, newly single, and awkward as a cow on a crutch – has something to prove to himself and his family. When he accepts a job secondment to move halfway across England for eighteen months, no one, not even he himself, is convinced that he’ll manage on his own for that long.

Enter his new flatmate Rob, who is steady, funny, dependable and pretty much perfect – whose life just isn’t in the right place for a relationship just now. Suddenly a year and a half in Liverpool just isn’t enough.

Is Davey’s attraction for Rob all one-sided, or is there the potential for something more? And what does this mean for his resolution to be his own person, and stop to relying so much on others?

Is there enough time for something to bloom between them? Or are those feelings destined to wither on the vine?

Sheena's Review:

Well, this was an unexpected delight.  I picked Late Bloomer up not really knowing what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised with it.  It was just such an easy, pleasant read and I found myself keen to go back and pick up the story and see where it took me.

It's a simple premise, Davey has a bad break up and moves to Liverpool to find a fresh start and ends up sharing a flat with what turns out to be his perfect man.  Cue a lot of misunderstandings, mishaps, meddling friends and tons of fluffy sweetness and that all turns out to be the recipe for one of the sweetest stories I've read in a long time. 

I loved Davey, I loved seeing his journey to be able to be comfortable in his own skin and I loved how he didn't actually change, just came to be comfortable with himself and a lot of that was down to how Rob was with him.  Davey is more than a bit hapless but he's just so adorable, I never felt frustrated with him or wanted him to change, I loved him how he was.  Rob is probably the most patient man on the planet though, but I did get a giggle more than once at Davey's antics and his descriptions of Rob and his excess energy.

Honestly, this book made me laugh, made me smile and it truly made me happy, it left me smiling and I was so happy I took this journey with Rob and Davey, it was so good to see Davey grow and his relationship with Rob grow too.

I loved Late Bloomer and so happy I took a chance on it.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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