Double Dog Dare (Paws and Claws #2) by Argentina Ryder

Janet calls Double Dog Dare, "a sweet fun romance. Fast paced, fun and quick to read."

From the blurb:

An awkward introvert. A handsome veterinarian. What happens after your dream comes true?

Since his parents' death, Luke has retreated into an isolated lifestyle. The high point of his week is taking his foster dog to the vet's office, where he can talk to Doctor Chance and imagine what it would be like to hold him. To touch him. To kiss him.

Chance is smart, handsome, and rich, yet he doesn't date - ever. He's never found anyone who wants him for him. But there's something about Luke and his wry humor that makes Chance's heart beat faster.

Their mutual attraction is obvious to everyone except for them, until one night when a special dog brings them together, and they can't hide their longing for each other anymore. But their lives are vastly different, and neither one is capable of love—or are they? Can these two men who've both given up on romance accept the challenge and dare to love each other, or will real life crash down on them and force them apart?

Janet's Review:

Fluffy pets are my weakness add in two mc’s that were sweet with a side of steam, and you get a good story. 

Luke and his sister rescue dogs that have been abused or left homeless. Chance is the vet that helps them take care of the dogs. 

Luke is on the spectrum and is somewhat quirky. That aspect felt fairly realistic. I loved that Chance didn’t even bat an eye at Luke’s quirkiness, just went with the flow. 

There is a great group of secondary characters that the guys surround themselves with. I loved catching up with Nolan and Harrison from the first story. Double Dog Dare was easy and fun to read, flowed smoothly.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Double Dog Dare was a cute read with sweet MC's and just enough steam to bring everything together...

Luke's character was mentioned to be on the spectrum and quirky but this was never really explored and kind of felt like a cop out and there were a few things that I didn't understand in Luke's family sub-plot... or some of Chance's choices... it just mostly came together but not quite all the way. 

I did enjoy Luke and Chance's relationship, the cute puppies, the steam and the appearances from Nolan and Harrison which kept the reading enjoyable!

Rating: 3.5 Stars