Cover Reveal & Excerpt: Freddy and Archie - Book 1 Fated Fantasies Dating Service by Holly Oliver

So excited to be able to share the cover and an excerpt from Holly Oliver's publishing debut - Freddy and Archie - Book 1 Fated Fantasies Dating Service!  Isn't the cover absolutely adorable?

Freddy and Archie make their debut on June 13th and are available for preorder - just click on the book title or the image below:


The Fated Fantasies Dating Service makes dreams a reality. 

Freddy is an adorable hegdehog shifter who finds himself having one of the worst days of his life, but do the Fates have a different plan in store for him?

Archie is an obnoxious harpy, a driven business man who thanks to losing a bet finds himself heading off towards his worst nightmare – a date!

There is magic in the air and budding friendships, and there has to be a bad guy, or does there?

This promises to be a sweet read so fall in love with the array today.

Freddy and Archie’s story is an MM Paranormal Romance that hopes to be book one in a series of six books.

You may find a spot of bad language, and intimate situations between two consenting adults are included. Please store your eBooks responsibly.


Oh, come now, Archie, this is no time for threats,” her velvet voice almost whispered. “I found him for you, and I will give him back to you once my client has what they want, this is a simple business transaction, Archie, and you are a businessperson by nature, so calm yourself down, and we ca - “

“I will not calm down. I will not conduct business with anyone who thinks they can steal my mate from me just hours after I have claimed him, and I will not discuss my one true mate as if he were a conditional clause in a contract. Whoever is holding him is drugging him so that I cannot connect with him at all…”

“Archie, darling, I can sense that you are unhappy with the way things have been handled, but if you would just take a moment to consider my offer, I am sure we can have Frederick back in your arms where he belongs in no time at all.”

There is no harm in hearing her out, his eagle gently whispered. If nothing else, it may give us some clue as to who has him or where he might be.

Archie took a deep breath. “Ok, Helena, what does this client of yours want from me.”

Helena paused before almost whispering one word. “Artemis.” 

“Why on earth would anyone want Artemis? She has been in the asylum for nearly six years. She hasn’t uttered a spoken word since Mom and Dad died…”

“It is imperative to my client that he has access to Artemis for a few hours outside of the asylum, and once she has answered all his questions, she will be returned to her home, and he will release Freddy to you. See, a simple business transaction. So, do we have a deal?”

“I just said the woman doesn’t speak, and what on earth would one of your clients want to discuss with Artemis anyway? She was never interested in the business. It makes no sense. What does he really intend to do to her?”

“He assures me he just wants to talk to her. She is privy to some important data he needs to move forward with a project he is working on. She is the only female harpy eagle shifter left in the world right now, and it must be her.”

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