Dark Attraction by Drake Lamarque

I have some mixed feelings about Dark Attraction and so this is one of the few times where I have a conditional rating! As a standalone, I would rate this book at 3* however as the first in an ongoing series I would rate it as 4.5* so I will go with a 4 for compromise.

From the blurb:

Brand: A pansexual college surfer dude looking for love in all the wrong places
Gage: A mysterious goth with something to hide who will do anything to keep what's his

When they meet at a party, there's an instant attraction but between Gage's dominant hunger and Brand's need to submit to him... the fire may be all-consuming.

a standalone MM vampire/human romance featuring lots of spice

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Reds Book Reads Review:

I loved the idea of Gage being a goth and blending in with college guys at a party and I thought that was just fantastic. I loved the dynamic between him an Brand and the way their relationship started to develop. The kink element between them is good as well but I would love to see this develop if the story progresses.
My main issue with this book is the ending and that is what leads to the lower rating. The author notes that they are happy to continue this series and I really hope they do however if it remains as a standalone however the ending is much more of a HFN rather than a HEA and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.
I really hope the author decides to develop Dark Attraction into a series as there is so much potential for Gage and Brand here and I would love to see where their relationship goes from here and how they deal with the numerous issues that are bound to come up.

Rating: 4 Stars