Sailor Boy by Kris Jacen

Sailor Boy is a novella in the All American Boy multi-author series and full of instant attraction and feels! 

From the blurb:

Jeremy Riley fell in love with sailing when he was a troubled teen and sent away to camp for the summer. Now he’s sailing for a living. Getting a bachelors in vessel operations was the best thing that he could’ve done. Most of the year, he’s on the ship helping with hands-on education for the New England Maritime Academy.

The bright spot in Kendall Winters’ life is his daughter, three-year-old Savannah. How his sister had deserted Savy when she was diagnosed with cancer and needed her the most boggled his mind. Her loss was his gain — and there was no way he was ever giving Savy back to her. Now if he could find someone to share Savy’s highs and lows with, that would be amazing.

A summer trip to the Tall Ship Festival to get away from his parents and let Savy explore ‘boats’ seems like the best idea. Sun and sea for him and Savy sounded perfect to him. Add in a gorgeous sailor with eyes that sparked with mirth? Sign him up.

Heather's Review:

I'm a sucker for a single dad romance and Sailor Boy definitely fits the bill, introducing us not only to Jeremy and Kendall, but also the novella stealing Savy, Kendall's niece and adopted daughter...  

This novella has an instant attraction, bonding over sailing and of course a well charted HEA.  It was a fun read and a perfect way to kick off the winter blues and start thinking about summer.  With so much packed into a small package, my main wish was for just a little more of everything...

Rating: 4 Stars

Sailor Boy is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription