Hand Picked, (Sunday Brothers Book 2) by May Archer

"Once upon a time, I moved to Vermont… and wound up accidentally sort of married." - Luke, Hand Picked

From the blurb:

Once upon a time, I moved to Vermont… and wound up accidentally sort of married.

Webb Sunday is the straight single dad next door.

He’s lumberjack-gorgeous,

Strong and steady as the trees in his family orchard,

A grumpy fairytale prince...

And entirely off-limits.

Or so I thought.

Until the drunken night the two of us walked into a bar…

And landed ourselves in the middle of small-town history.

Who knew hand-fasting was still a thing?

The town of Little Pippin Hollow did.

And once this bunch of meddling Vermonters gets wind of our accidental betrothal, they are determined to see us seal the deal.

But while the chemistry between us is hot enough to melt the winter cold, Webb isn’t interested in a relationship…

And I’m not sure how long I can keep pretending I don’t want our hand-fasting to be real.

Because while the man might not be the happily ever after I came to Vermont for…

He’s looking more and more like the one who’s been hand-picked for me.

Sheena's Review:

May Archer is one of my go-to authors, I always look forward to a new May book because I know it will never fail to entertain me, make me laugh then kick me right in the feelings. Then make me happy at the end. This is why I love romance as a genre and May books in particular. 

Hand Picked is the second in the Sunday Brothers series - you can read this as a standalone but I don't know why you'd want to, as the first book is so damn good too. This one follows the eldest Sunday brother, Webb and his adventure with his new nemesis/neighbour Luke. Honestly I liked both guys, Luke was so sweet, and just about the most positive person on the planet, especially when you find out more about him and what he's going through. I really felt like he'd got the shit end of things, more than once and deserved some happiness. Webb is a bit grumpy and doesn't want a relationship which makes these two the perfect match. 

The whole premise of the story is one drunken night to proclaim what they think is their new friendship, the two end up accidentally handfasting and the whole town gets involved in their 'love' story. The whole thing was a hoot, from the ceremonial reading of the scroll to the different stipulations being accidentally fulfilled by them. It's funny, sweet, with a little angst which will leave you rooting for these two (and yes, more than once I could happily have given Webb more than a piece of my mind). Hand Picked is the perfect entry to the Sunday series, and I cannot wait for the next story in Little Pippin Hollow. Nobody can write shenanigans in a crazy small town like May Archer, and I'm so here for it.
Rating: 5 Stars

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