Embrace Me (Love in the Pacific Northwest book 2) by Beck Grey

"He's a walking heart emoji.  He thinks you're all that and more."

From the Embrace Me blurb:

Tadhg: After a nasty breakup with my manipulative ex, I returned home to Seattle to lick my wounds. I’m done with relationships. From now on I’m focusing on my career.

There are just a few issues with that.

1. It’s not that easy for a Deaf man to succeed in a Hearing world, even with the right degree and experience.

2. Quinn MacDougall. He’s my co-worker. He’s also incredibly talented, driven, and distractingly handsome.

3. He’s hearing. And that’s the biggest problem of all. How can someone who isn’t Deaf ever truly understand and accept me?

Embrace Me is a 95,000-word contemporary MM romance about language barriers, loving but demanding families, crappy bosses, and sexy guys in speedos. It contains no cheating, low angst, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

Miki.J's Review:

WOW !!  Beautiful story.  We meet Quinn (the younger brother of Jamie from first book) who is really focused getting a promotion at work … and is the family go-to guy whenever someone needs help.  

Then there is Tadhg (nope, not a spelling error – Irish name pronounced “teig”) who is just starting in same company after moving to Seattle (and to get away from his ex)……. and who is deaf.  

I found the chemistry between them to be off the charts and at the same time, adorable and very sweet. 

This story does hit you in the feels and the author really did highlight the issues that the deaf/Deaf face on a day-to-day basis - real eye opener.  

Embrace Me literally pulsed with all the emotions coming through – whether it was spoken or signed.  I cried & laugh …. And then swooned – really damn good book !!

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Embrace Me is a beautiful love story with two amazing characters, a heap of angst and some kindle-melting steam.  Tadhg has just gotten out of an abusive relationship and is looking for a fresh start where he can be himself.  Quinn is the guy that everyone calls when they need help at the last minute... and their meet cute involves Quinn trying to step in and help Tadhg, who is deaf, communicate with someone in his favourite coffee shop... and they meet again minutes later when they find out they now work together!

Embrace Me is well paced, with an instant connection, a slow build to high heat, a dash of relationship angst and a recurring villain - Tadhg's ex-boyfriend who doesn't seem to understand the word "no"

Not being deaf or hard of hearing, I can't speak to how the character is portrayed, but I did appreciate the way that Beck chose to incorporate what was signed into the text to flow seamlessly with spoken word by changing the quotation marks.  It made for a smooth and connected read for this reader.

Rating: 5 Stars

Tammy's Review:

I loved this story!  It was beautifully written and both Tadhg and Quinn had their own voices and were easy to differentiate.  The relationship development between the two MCs was well paced and I could feel the connection and attraction between them.  The conflict was believable, if a bit drawn out for my taste, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the story.

This book will be a reread for me, which is extremely rare for me.  I’m jealous of people who are reading it for the first time!

Relationship development: 9/10 (well developed and believable)
Pacing: 8/10 (overall well paced)
Writing: 10/10 (skilled author and I’ll definitely be reading more from them)
Heat: 7/10 (the sex scenes were well written and used effectively to develop the relationship)
Overall: 10/10 (highly recommend!)

Embrace Me is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription 

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