Allure of Oartheca by James Siewert

Allure of Oartheca is the first novel in the Oarthecan Star Saga. Allure is a MM Sci-fi romance and ends with a Cliffhanger. The second book in the series is Barons of Oartheca.

From the blurb:

In the furthest reaches of space, a cyber-thief with a heart of gold meets a ex-navy captain who refuses to be beaten. Though they’re from opposite ends of the galaxy, fate slams these two men together in desperate bid to stop a race of elitist cannibals from destroying all these men hold dear. But their foe is not the only danger our two heroes face – an Allure that whispers promises of rapture, and destruction. If our heroes give in, they lose, if they give up, they lose … and the fate of the galaxy rests in the balance.

In the spirit of high-space adventure, with a touch of charming romance, Allure of Oartheca is a love song to the science fiction genre, placing two men who love men at the forefront of a battle of their past, their present, and – if they’re brave enough, if they’re bold enough – their future. Come share an adventure full of authentic, one-of-a-kind characters, fantastic new worlds, rich imagination and genuine hope in the face of heart-pounding action.

Join the adventure in Allure of Oartheca, and discover how hatred and war are not the only ways to destruction.

Advisory: this book contains scenes of explicit male/male romance, sex and sexuality, and is recommended only for readers ages 18+.

Amy_tbs' Review:

There is some great characters and amazing world building in Allure. This was such a thrilling adventure with so much action I couldn't possibly begin to explain everything that happened within this interstellar fiction.

Two men are thrown together in the hopes they can stop an elite cannibal race on the path of destruction.

We follow them on their journey to save a galaxy they hold so dear. I absolutely adored Rowland and Toar. They had such an undeniable connection and devoted love for one another that was palpable even when separated.

I would recommend Allure of Oartheca for every Science fiction lover out there, it was so different and unique. I'm excited to jump into the next novel after that climatic cliffhanger.

Allure of Oartheca is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.  For even more, including a giveaway and TWO excerpts, please click on the graphic below to visit our Blog Tour stop post:


  1. Thank you so much for your fantastic review Amy! You captured the spirit of the story perfectly and your kind words are deeply appreciated!


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