The Bird Catcher by Michael Robert

You can run, you can't hide, but you might be able to run right into your second chance...

Happily married, Seattle furniture designer, Ben, comes home early from work on his thirtieth birthday. After finding his husband of twelve years already celebrating in the shower with the party planner, Ben decides he needs a fresh start.

Logan, a twenty-five-year-old residing in Idaho, is trying to escape from an emotionally abusive relationship. Can Logan break the bonds that keep him tethered to his abuser or will Coach fulfill his threats to never let Logan go?

Seabrook is a quaint, idyllic beach-front town on the coast of Washington state with less than three hundred full-time residents. The tiny dot on the map seems like the perfect place to escape the pain by offering a fresh start.
Yet as the saying goes, we can run, but we can’t escape our past. What awaits the two men as they begin their separate journeys?

Join Ben and Logan when they both choose Seabrook as their hideaway destination only to discover new challenges. With fate playing with their lives, they struggle against the loss of love. Yet, in Seabrook, their chance to find real love might be possible if they can outrun their past.

Amy_tbs' Review:

Oh boy, there was  many layers to The Bird Catcher with the prologue setting the tone for the book. I knew from the first few pages this book would have a lot of depth to it. We are introduced to Ben the protagonist of the story witnessing a devastating act of betrayal, which has him up and packing, leaving for a fresh start in a quaint little town of Seabrook. 

There he befriends Logan, a HVAC installer who's also running from his own demons back home. There is an instant attraction for Ben towards Logan and we see it is mutual. Both men are dealing with their own trauma though and their love story has many pitfalls along the way. 

There is so many unique and interesting characters in The Bird Catcher. All of which serve as a key role in the development of the story. This was heartbreaking, funny and such a sweet tale of finding yourself, new found families and love against all odds. 

Michael Robert never fails to bring complex characters and meaningful storylines that cut to the core of human diversity. I can't recommend this enough. This is a slow burn romance with hunky men and steamy scenes. There was also some cute dogs too, I'm a simple woman and cute dogs are always a way to my heart.

Rating: 5 Stars

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