Wanted: Gentle Daddy: Love on Top: Fragile hearts #1 by Sammi Cee

This wasn’t a rush of hormones, but a closeness between two people who cared about each other. And that was what made this special and terrifying.

From the Wanted: Gentle Daddy blurb:

All I want is a soft and steady hand to guide me.

My body has been broken for as long as I can remember, and with the death of my granny, now my heart is, too. Did I mention that I also managed to lose my dream job on top of everything else?

When my only real friend secures a position for me waiting tables at The Tap Tavern, I don’t really expect it to work out. Nothing else has. But it ends up coming with an unexpected perk, a group of boys who seem to really accept me. Which would be pretty cool if they hadn’t decided that I should be the guinea pig for their new scheme to find us each the perfect Daddy.

When Tucker responds to the wanted sign to be my Daddy, my heart stops. He doesn’t realize he knows me—that I was the virtual assistant who disappeared—but I’ve been lusting after him from the other side of the computer screen f or years now. How can I not? He’s sexy, confident, and he makes things happen with a finesse that makes my mouth water.

I would love nothing more than to be his boy, but I’m too awkward, my issues have issues, and eventually, he’ll figure out I’ve already let him down in a spectacular way.

Will Daddy Tucker’s gentle touch and soothing presence reassure Joey that he can trust him with all his pain, or will his fear of being broken beyond repair keep him from letting down all his walls?

Welcome to The Tap Tavern where this chosen family of boys are braver than they think, and their Daddies are ready to be what they want and so much more.

Laora's Review:

Wanted: Gentle Daddy was a lovely daddy/ boy story. I like this genre a lot and this was a great story with wonderful main and side characters. The author did a great job in creating rounded characters and took the time to give both Tucker and Joey a backstory and how they met before being set up by Joey his friends. 

I also appreciate that the author gave Joey a chronic disease, but instead of focusing on all the negative and restrictions that that gives a person, appreciate she wrote it from a strength perspective. Yes it sucks, but he ho you have to work and live a life as well. They are a cute, caring couple with a little twist on the daddy/ boy dynamics which I appreciate. I found the support Joey got from his longtime friend and new-found friends heartwarming and endearing I am sure to read the prequel to this book shortly. 

And I am looking forward to reading more stories in this Fragile heart series, from which this is book one. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Wanted: Gentle Daddy is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription