The FoXXXy Gentleman's Club: Christian by Nikole Knight

How could I not know that this book has been out for a year?  Nikole Knight is publishing The FoXXXy Gentleman's Club book 2 this week, and while she says you can read them standalone, I'm a sucker for reading order, so I grabbed Christian's story on KU...

From the blurb:

Foxxxy Rule #1: Never fall for a client.
Christian Webber is femme, fabulous, and an absolute freaking mess. Although he loves his chaotic life, his cherished friends, and his job dancing and escorting at the exclusive Foxxxy Gentlemen’s Club, he’s also twenty-nine, single, and facing down the very real possibility of turning into a lonely, old cat lady. But an encounter with a client’s jaded son may change everything.

Gordon van Dierman has his life figured out. He owns a business, a house, and a dog with his partner of seven years, but when he learns of his partner’s infidelity, the grumpy Dutchman abandons everything he’s built and returns to his childhood home in America to lick his wounds in peace. But a run-in with a feisty, genderfluid escort may be just what the doctor ordered.

When Chrissy and Gordon’s lives collide, it’s hate at first sight to be sure, but the fire between them may be more than simple loathing. You know what they say: love and hate are horns on the same goat—or however that expression goes.

Chrissy knows better than to fall for a client. But the rules don’t say anything about a client’s son, do they?

Every book in the Foxxxy series can be read as a standalone, but they are best enjoyed when read in order.

Heather's Review:

Christian made me happy from the first moment I met him... unapologetic, femme, genderfluid and ready to take on the world... I love a character with a strong sense of self and Christian is definitely that in spades... 

Gordon is the perfect foil... grumpy, hurting and reeling from the twists life has thrown at him... 

The whole story is fairly low angst, with sweet, funny and of course sexy moments... I can't wait to see what the rest of the series holds!  You'll see my review of Angel go up by the end of the week, but I can't stress enough that if you love the idea of Chrissy, the femme, unapologetic escort who can choreograph a number like no one's business, but can't seem to find a relationship that will stick, that you add Christian to your TBR immdiately!

Rating: 5 Stars

Christian is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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