The Devil's Demigod by Alexa Piper

Returning to Alexa Pipers Hellbound series, The Devil's Demigod offers so much action and adventure with great new side characters!

From the blurb:

Not long ago, necromancer Lionel didn’t know who his parents were or why they abandoned him. He’s starting to think that ignorance was bliss as the fact he has a death goddess for a mother is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. That his father is a murderous magic user comes as an even darker revelation.

Lucifer is well aware that his boyfriend and powerful necromancer Lionel is not the easiest person to love, but Lucifer is the Devil, and he doesn’t lie, not even to himself. He’ll take Lionel any way he can get him, and Lucifer will do whatever it takes to keep Lionel safe. It’s turning into a fulltime occupation with Lionel’s penchant for attracting murderous individuals.

Lionel will have to come to grips with his own still unfamiliar demigod magic before the past can catch up with him, but he also needs to figure out if and how he can love the Devil. Lucifer cannot wait for his long game to tame his stubborn necromancer to bear fruit, but before the Devil can savor his prize, he might have to rescue Lionel yet again, this time from getting lost in the labyrinth of the past.

Jacquie's Review

I loved this outing. It's much more plot and action based with the focus being on the case from book 2 and Lionel's origins.

There is still elements of kink but they are mild and there is much more emotion between the couple.

I loved meeting Hades and Persephone! I love all the side characters so they were a great addition

Rating: 5 Stars

The Devil's Demigod is currently available in e-book form and can be purchased at Amazon.

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