Jake (Single Dads of Gaynor Beach Book 1) by Charley Descoteaux

Steamy, sweet, funny, and just a little kinky... meet Jake and Micah, the first sexy single dads in the Single Dads of Gaynor Beach series.

From the blurb:

A man isn’t defined by the worst moments in his past, but they can be hard as hell to leave behind.

Fresh starts are overrated. I've lived in Gaynor Beach my whole life, and I’m damn proud of it. I miss my wife like hell, and a grumpy mechanic may not make the best single dad, but the kids and I are doing okay right here. They’re not complaining—maybe because they’re never home. Teenagers.

Then a fresh start falls into my lap when the hottest man I’ve ever seen has his car quit on him. And if I can’t forget the feel of his arms around me when he rode on the back of my bike…well, nobody needs to know that except me.

But now Micah’s introducing me to worlds I’ve never been a part of before, or even imagined I could be. Worlds with ropes and explosive chemistry and adventures much bigger than our rides in the Southern California sunshine. Being with him feels like the biggest risk I’ve ever taken—and not everyone in town wants us to take this chance together.

I hope we can hang on when the ride gets bumpy.

JAKE is an angsty opposites-attract Romance in the Single Dads of Gaynor Beach world with a grumpy mechanic, a sunshiny high school teacher with a secret, size difference and a few first times, and three teenagers who are more perceptive than their parents bargained for.

Heather's Review:

Jake was a pleasant surprise for me - if you like a spicy romance with some BDSM elements, a grumpy/sunshine mix and the D/s relationship to have some fun and interesting twists, you'll really enjoy getting to know Jake and Micah!

This book built a fun world with great main and side characters and a meet cute involving a broken down car, a motorcycle ride and the town's biggest bully...  and grows to involve storylines featuring both Jake and Michah's kids and extended family... which I really enjoyed.  This was a quick and engaging read for me and if you like your romance with a side of kink and a little spice, you'll enjoy Jake.

I can't wait to see where this series continues to...

Rating: 5 Stars