Hot Stepdad Summer by Iris Faire

Hot Stepdad Summer is a taboo romance featuring a boy and his stepfather. It contains some dark themes so might have trigger warnings for some people, so please read the author note carefully.

From the blurb:

Would we let others dictate our passions and love this summer?

Dillon: Working hard for what I wanted was something I’d become accustomed to. I wasn’t looking for love and I didn’t need a protector. I wanted more than a hot man possessing me. But when my friend got himself into trouble, Steven stepped in. He opened my heart to something wild and new. And now, I can’t let him go. It turned out his protection, his possession, and his love all claimed me, fulfilling every dream possible.

Steven: I kept my feelings for Dillon locked away for so long. When one night opened my eyes to the possibilities of a life with him, my shell cracked. Now, all I can think about is leaving town with him, creating a new life where we live on our terms. I desired love. What I found in him was unexpected. If only the world around us would stop judging, we would build a life together.

Could we leave everything behind, right our wrongs, and fulfill our dreams—together—before the dark forces surrounding us take us under?

Pick up Hot Stepdad Summer and cheer for this duo as they fight to claim the life they deserve.

Iris Faire weaves a romantic and suspenseful tale of past wrongs righted, of passionate desires, and love found. The quick read ends in a happily ever after. You can read it as a standalone story, but it will have you wishing for more in the interconnected Stepdad Summer Series.

Author note: This story contains a romance between two men, with open door love. This story contains some scenes that could trigger difficult feelings, in that one character is found in the aftermath of an attack. It also deals with homophobia between family relations and suicide.

KjnRose's Review:

I wasn't so sure if I would like this book as some authors just make the whole step-dad thing read really horrible, this one on the other-hand was well written. The author did real well at showing a real story instead of just showing a man and his step-dad cheating together or having a sex based only relationship. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see what comes next.

Rating: 4 Stars

Red's Book Reads Review:

Dillon is a young gay man who secretly works in a gay bar. He has a tense relationship with his mother and a hidden crush on his stepfather. Stephen is married to Dillon's mum and has suddenly realised that he is developing feelings for his stepson. I enjoyed the interaction between the two characters however it at times felt like it was moving very fast and was a bit tricky to follow. They seemed to very quickly change their minds and any issues were resolved very quickly. Whilst there were some darker themes in this book they almost felt glossed over at times and felt a little too complacent for such heavy themes. On the whole this was an enjoyable read though and I liked the ending and how we got a flash forward to the HEA. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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