Atlas's Accident (Darlington Pack #2): A M/M Mpreg Romance by Dylan Reece

'The mirror showed a new man. My amber eyes shone brighter, and my muscles seemed fuller. Goosebumps dotted my skin, but I ran hot— I was excited, my wolf right at the surface and wanting me to claim my mate.' - David

From the Atlas's Accident blurb:

A bad boy alpha, an uptight omega, and the baby they didn’t expect…

Atlas :Newly crowned as pack Alpha, I’m trying to get my act together, which is the opposite of accidentally getting an ex-military, bossy, jaw-droppingly-hot human pregnant.

Not just any human. My fated mate.

David is nothing like the fawning omegas I usually romp with. He’s stoic, brave as balls, and as stubborn as... me. And this enticing human omega makes me swoon like no one else. My wolf is all-in. Hell, so am I. Claiming him? Easy. He needs to be a wolf shifter for a safe pregnancy. Convincing him to raise our pup with me? Impossible. David is immune to Darlington’s small town charms—and mine.

The pack’s enemies are closing in, I’m scrambling to protect our land, and I can barely get David to go on a date. But my reputation in Darlington is true—I’m reckless, impulsive, and tenacious. I’ll do whatever it takes to win him over.

David :

I haven’t had a heat in years, so why do I have morning sickness after a date with a broad-shouldered, smug-smirking, burning hot alpha? Now I’m tied to Atlas — who is not my type — forever.

My impossible dream of fatherhood is actually happening! Becoming a wolf shifter to have a baby? It’s a no-brainer, I’d do anything to be a dad. But after my medical discharge from the military, I’m searching for a purpose. One that’s far, far away from this small town and its smoking hot pack Alpha.

I’d be out of here in an instant—if my health issues didn’t flare up every time my reckless mate got hurt. The pack needs a military strategist, and It’s on me to keep Atlas in line. But as a battle threatens to destroy Darlington, my baby’s papa is proving himself to be loyal, courageous, and…exactly the type of man I want to raise kids with.

Will I rule beside Atlas? Can he support me through my health issues? Or will his impulsiveness cost us everything?

Laora's Review:

Atlas's Accident is the second full length book in the Darlington Pack series. I was drawn in from the first page and read it as soon as possible though to the end. It is action packed with enough sweet and softer moments. This story picks up where the first left off. Atlas and David find each other as fated mates and all that entails needs love, attention and work. 

We also follow the whole pack with their troubled bear sleuth neigbours with Ko as head. The problems with the sleuth can only be resolved with help from bears inside of the sleuth. Carol, David's mom has connections with Atlas and Red their father which gives rise to questions which might be answered in the following book. And we are introduced to Mars, David his best friend and find out what his relation is to a member of the Darlington pack, but that story continues in book 3. In this book Atlas and David find their hea with their sweet son and we get to check in with many of the previous characters. I can't wait for the next book and highly recommend this series if you like humans, wolf shifters, shifters and mpreg.

Rating: 5 Stars

Atlas's Accident is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.  It should be read after Twice Bitten.