Vegas Bound by Bruce Rose

One of the best parts of being an ARC reader and blogger is being able to connect to book PR companies and being able to find new to me authors with amazing stories to tell that I might not have otherwise tapped into on my own... today's book, Vegas Bound, is one such book!  Bruce Rose is a new to me author whose work I will now be stalking...

From the blurb:

A second chance might just cost him everything…

When a former roadie and bodyguard is mistaken for an escort by a gorgeous man, he’s intrigued, and willing to play along, but when he’s offered a thousand dollars for one night, Cooper starts to have second thoughts. Just what the hell will he have to do to earn that kind of money?

On the verge of changing his mind, Cooper finds himself further intrigued by the man’s reluctance to get down to details. Cautiously feeling him out, Cooper discovers a kink he never even knew he had, turning their hookup into an eye-opening experience, one he simply can’t stop fantasizing about long after their tryst is over.

When all his efforts to track the man down end in dismal failure, Cooper worries he’ll never find another man like Blake, only to discover him at the last place he expected; his office. Dating in the workplace is strictly forbidden, but apparently that won’t be a problem when Blake doesn’t even remember him.

Or does he?

This erotic gay workplace romance contains a former head banger with a sudden lust for bondage, an upper-crust MBA boss learning to proudly fly his freak flag, lots of story-based kink, exquisite restraints, some dirty-talking role-play, an intriguing BDSM club, and two totally hot guys falling in love while learning to trust. 87,000 words or 348 pages.

Heather's Review:

Vegas Bound is one of those full circle stories - a one night stand disguised as an escort for hire and an opportunity for some forbidden fantasies... 

This book drew me in and kept me enthralled from beginning to end - hot and steamy to start, as the characters became more to each other you see the changes manifest in multiple ways... I love how both characters grow in this book and how it teases a future for character-adjacent books to come...

If you love a steamy read with some BDSM, roleplay and a sweet HEA then I recommend you add Vegas Bound to your TBR immediately!


  1. Thank you for a wonderful review, Heather! I really appreciate you taking your time to read-to-review my book. :)


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