The Lines We Draw (Artists and Athletes book 1) - CD Rachels

 ".... I get to be my most authentic self, and you're the reason why."

From the The Lines We Draw blurb:


I’m perfectly fine in my comfort zone. As co-captain of my university soccer team, I know my place. I play hard on the field and my teammates look up to me. Would they look up to me if they knew I liked guys? Probably not, so I’m okay staying a closeted virgin.
That is, until I’m forced to take an arts class, and I’m seated next to the sexiest guy I’ve ever seen. He helps me pass art class, makes me laugh, and has me wanting things I never thought were possible. As the semester goes on, we get closer, and trying to keep my hands off him and stay away from him becomes nearly impossible.
What will happen to my position on the team if I ask him out? I don’t think I’m willing to find out. Now I just gotta stop dreaming about kissing him and holding him… Damn.


As a fine arts major, I have to focus on creating good work and impressing my professors. Part of that entails sitting in on this beginners arts class, and I just so happen to be next to a gorgeous athlete this semester.
Relationships are a sour note for me, but flirting with the co-captain of the soccer team could be fun. I know it’s not going to go anywhere- he’s straight. Over time, though, becoming friends with Ravi, teaching him how to visualize his art, and learning about his life makes me question what we’re doing.
I don’t know if I’m ready to let someone else into my heart again, least of all a potential closet case (no matter how sexy he is). Still with the way he makes me smile and how my heart beats when I’m near him, I think we’re both in too deep now.

The Lines We Draw” is a low-angst, male/male romance, friends-to-lovers story involving art classes, soccer games, nude models, drunken parties, and discovering what sex and love can really feel like, HEA guaranteed.
It is the first of a series and can be read as a standalone.

Miki J's Review:

I enjoyed this book very much. The Lines We Draw has a  University setting and is told from 2 POV’s. 

 Ravi – soccer co-captain and all round good guy and Steven, who is a fine arts major.  Ravi has to take one arts course as part of his university admission and ends up in the same class as Steven.  While Steven helps him out with the sketching, Ravi tries to make sense of his attraction to him - this book is the journey they both take.  

The Lines We Draw is very sweet and romantic and angsty and very cute with a few touching moments as well as laugh out loud moments.  The supporting characters are well written and flow with the story very nicely.  Overall, a great book !

Rating: 4 Stars

KjnRose's Review:

This was an absolutely great book for a first time writer. This is the first book in a new series and I am so excited to see where it goes from here. There are wonderful characters, it's well written and has a great storyline. This book had my attention from start to finish and I am so excited for the next book.

Rating: 5 Stars