New Daddy at Forty-Seven by Nora Phoenix

Nora Phoenix tore out my emotions and left them lying on the floor when she gave us a very teasing cliffhanger ending to Clean Start at Forty-Seven and I'm thankful that this is just a Duology because I don't think I could have survived New Daddy at Forty-Seven if it didn't have a HEA...

From the blurb:

I’ve never been a Daddy before, but now it’s all I want to be…

I’ve always thought Kinsey was hot AF, but now that I’ve come to know him, he’s so much more than a super sexy silver fox. He’s kind and caring, and so damn courageous.

He’s also vulnerable and needy, and it lights me up like nothing else. I know I’m twenty years younger, but I want to take care of him.

I want to be his protector, his strong man, his knight in shining armor.

I want to be his Daddy.

New Daddy at Forty-Seven is part two of a duology, an emotional and yummy romance with an age gap, loads of hurt/comfort, and a beautiful Daddy/boy relationship that ends with an HEA. It contains themes of addiction and religious homophobia.

Heather's Review:

New Daddy at Forty-Seven does not take a straight or easy path to Kinsey and Benoni's HEA but the path Nora Phoenix takes us on is the right one for their story... this love story definitely needed to be a duology because I don't think I could have coped with everything Kinsey needed to work through in just one book... 

This book is the definition of hurt/comfort and finding yourself... I also absolutely loved the cameo from Rhys and Cornell (from Firm Hand), which made me go back and re-read their story and fall in love again...

OMG y'all... the feels!  From Kinsey, from Benoni, from Kinsey's kids... their friends, so many feels... and then you add your own feels...

You absolutely need to start with Clean Start at Forty-Seven to understand just how far their relationship has to come to get to the hard won HEA, but it's so much easier for you because now you can binge both books in a weekend and just melt into a pool of emotional goo... and not go through the torment that I did, waiting for this book to publish.

If you can't guess by the review, I'd give this book more than 5 Stars... but I'm limited... so all the starts to New Daddy at Forty-Seven - now go read the duology and come back and tell me about it!

Karla's Review:

Benoni and Kinsey are relationship goals. True love is patient and kind, not envious or boastful. True love never fails.

The transition from book one to book two was absolutely flawless. Nora captured the angst of drug recovery, finding yourself again and struggling with the scars of familial and religious wounds. Kinsey and Ben had perfect chemistry in their personalities as well as romantically. Their support of each other....

Rating: 5 Stars