Extended Stay by Mia Monroe


Extended Stay is a double queer awakening, opposites attract, slow built to high heat story of an unwitting Hotel owner and the contractor who offers to help him bring the Hillcrest Hideaway back to it's former glory...

From the blurb:

I’ve never been interested in a man before. So why do I want to kiss this one?

Promising my sick uncle I’d help fix his rundown hotel in San Diego was just the beginning of my problems. I plan to do what I can, convince him to sell, and then take off, returning to my calm and structured existence back east. I double down on that plan when I arrive to find it in worse shape than I expected.

Unfortunately, my plans go awry when I fall for the quaint neighborhood, quirky locals, and loyal employees. That’s when he enters my world. A contractor down on his luck, looking for work and a place to stay, offers me an offer too good to pass up.

He makes me feel things I never have before, and now I’m considering hanging around much longer than intended. As long days turn into even longer nights, I can’t force myself to leave him. His presence turns my carefully planned world upside down, and before I know it, my quick trip becomes an Extended Stay.

Extended Stay is a double bi/gay awakening, opposites attract, slow burn romance starring a laid back contractor and the buttoned up hotel owner who hires him. It is book 1 in the California Crush series, featuring tan lines, thick thighs, and plenty of hot guys. Book your vacation and meet the men of Hillcrest Hideaway.

Heather's Review:

Two men, both struggling with their need for intimacy and love, with a history of being disappointed or disjointed in their past relationships... meet up as they both work to rebuild a historically LGBT haven.  They should be opposites - the buttoned up East Coast financial advisor turned unlikely hotel owner and the laidback, SoCal contractor who is literally homeless after his last relationship ended abruptly...

I can't classify this book as a slow burn, because honestly it's truly a no-burn while the characters become co-workers then friends... and then BAM - Mia Monroe flips a switch and you get all the delicious heat that you expect from her books...

I was engrossed in the characters, the hotel staff and all the dynamics from the get go and honestly, there was nothing I didn't like about Extended Stay!  I can't wait to read Milo's story in the next installment of California Crush!

Extended Stay is currently available for purchase on Amazon or to download free as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription