Billion Dollar Sugar Baby by EM Denning

EM Denning always writes the sweetest characters and this time she paired them together! 

From the Billion Dollar Sugar Baby blurb:

Bachelor. Billionaire. Unlucky in love. Alex Schaffer is tired of rich playboys with ulterior motives.

Broke. Tired. Trying to get by. Wren Collins just wants to look after his found family.

Wren's life is about to go from rags to riches when Alex decides he wants Wren all to himself, and he's willing to pay any price.

It was supposed to be a simple transaction, but what if they went and complicated it by doing something crazy ... like falling in love?

Heather's Review:

Have you ever wondered what Pretty Woman would be like re-imagined as a gay romance?  Well, they don't go to a polo match and Wren doesn't get kicked out of a Rodeo Drive shop when he tries to shop by himself, but EM Denning takes the kernel of prostitute with a heart of gold and the Billionaire who falls fast and hard for him as a gospel truth in Billion Dollar Sugar Baby...

I love the pacing, the instant connection between Alex and Wren and the way that they both engage in and fight the classic roles of billionaire and sugar baby.   I really love Wren's character and his strong instincts to protect himself, Alex and his found family.  

I devoured this book in one sitting - cover to cover - because I was so far into the story that I didn't want to put it down.

Billion Dollar Sugar Baby has it all - age gap, power dynamics, rich/poor, the corporate villain, and a whole cast of side characters who demand to have their HEA's next... I would love to see Tyler either work through his marriage or find another way to have a HEA, and of course Riley needs a HEA too...  This book may have been intended as a Standalone, but I want all the HEAs!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Billion Dollar Sugar Baby is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription