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Nice Catching You By Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood Narrated by Nick J. Russo

Publisher: Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood 

Release Date: 2/9/2022 

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex Pairing: Male/Male Version: 

Unabridged Audio Whispersync – Voice Enabled Length: 8 hours and 43 minutes 

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Gay Romance, Sports Romance Tropes: Hockey, Jock/Nerd, Friends-to-Lovers, Out-for-You

What happens when the number-one college hockey star in the country falls in love - with a man?

Nick Johnson, a top prospect for a pro hockey team, has a secret: He’s gay. Tired of living in the closet for the sport he loves, he sees no way out

Jacob Meyer’s string of bad boyfriends left him cynical about love. Instead, he focuses on his studies as a third-year law student. With a new job waiting for him, he’s eager to graduate and move on.

On a school-sponsored trip, Nick and Jacob meet in a most unexpected way. When Nick tells Jacob his secret, they decide to hang out, just as friends. But their attraction is too strong to ignore, and they soon begin dating.

Since Nick is a big man on campus, it doesn’t take long for people to notice his attachment to Jacob. All hell breaks loose when the relationship gets out. As the national media descends, university officials try to figure out how to solve their “problem”.

Their efforts divide Nick’s team, inflame fans, and put Nick and Jacob’s futures in jeopardy. Will the men be able to survive a plot to destroy them without derailing both their careers?

Nice Catching You is an out-for-you romance featuring a lot of love, exciting hockey, and a beautiful holiday. There’s also plenty of steam and a very happy ending.


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I had worked myself into a proper tizzy. Even after trying on half the things in my closet, I couldn’t decide what to wear. It was ridiculous. I was twenty-four years old, and I’ve been out since I was sixteen, so how could I get so worked up? We were having tacos and a night in the law library, so my usual sweater and jeans would be fine. Besides, Nick was just a guy, so what was the big deal?

The big deal, Jacob, is that Nick is the hottest guy you’ve ever touched. Besides which, he makes your insides turn somersaults, and you’ve never felt like such a dizzy queen in your life.

After what had to be dangerous heart palpitations, I finally chose an outfit. I barely managed to pull on the ivory sweater and faded jeans, brush my teeth, and spray on a little cologne before the doorbell rang. Another five seconds looking in the mirror and fanning my face with my hands, and I ran for the living room.

Holy. Fucking. Hell. I was frozen in place. Blond Nordic god. Jeans and a Bulldog hoodie under a leather jacket. Body to fight a war over. Grin that would melt a polar icecap. All this and more was standing at my door, and I couldn’t speak.

“Jacob!” He raked his eyes over me. “You look great.”

I was still having trouble drawing a breath, but I managed to smile. “Are you really the Nick Johnson?” I put a hand on my hip and gave him my best dubious expression. “If you are, why are you at this law geek’s door?”

“Let me in there!” He came barreling through, grabbed me, twirled me around, and set me back on the floor. His grin was wider than ever while he glanced around the apartment. “Wow, this is a great place.”

“You have any trouble finding it?”

He had made it to the far wall to look at my bookcase, and it took him a moment to turn. He folded his arms over his chest. “I just dropped you off here last night. Even a dumb jock can remember something that long.”

Somehow dinner and studying seemed less important than they had a few minutes earlier, notwithstanding the many cases I needed to review when we got to the library.

“You want to sit down? I’ve got beer.”

He shook his head. “I don’t drink much during the season. It slows me feel free.”

Nick’s heady scent—woodsy, with a hint of musk—was spreading through the room, and I felt a little lightheaded. “Water? Soda?”

“Nah. I’ll get something to drink with dinner.” He covered the distance to me in three giant steps. Cocking his head, he put his hands on my shoulders and drew little circles with his fingers. “Damn, you are one fine-looking man, Jacob Meyer. You sure you don’t have a boyfriend hidden around here somewhere?”

I stared at the floor and gave a little snort. “No. The kind of guys I like don’t stick around long with a skinny dude who keeps his nose stuck in a casebook.”

“Idiots.” A few beats went by. “Jacob?”

The sound of his voice had me lifting my head. “Yes?”

A peach blush blossomed in his cheeks, and his voice was breathy. “What kind of men do you like?”

I put my hands in my pockets and pressed my knees together, feeling like I was having a hot flash. “Bigger than me, muscular. Confident guys. You know, sort of… in charge. Nice guys.” I snickered and looked into his eyes. “Blond guys.”

He slid his hands down to cradle my elbows and watched me blow out a shaky breath. After he turned his lips up into a cute grin, he winked at me. Good to know. I’ll be on the lookout for you.”
 ©2020 Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood (P)2022 Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

About the Authors:

Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood met in law school and were married in 2017. They live in a suburb of Washington, DC and share their home with a big, cuddly German shepherd. Ryan and Josh enjoy travel, friends, and advocating for causes dear to their hearts. Ryan also loves to swim, and Josh likes to putter in the garden whenever he can. The romance they were so lucky to find with each other inspires their stories about love between out and proud men. You can contact them through their website at

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