Wild Ride by Helen Juliet

 Y'all - both Jacquie and I love me some Helen Juliet, to the point where I dropped everything on my weekend reading list and went straight for the Wild Ride ARC when it landed in my kindle yesterday.. and I have to tell you that I wasn't disappointed in the least:

From the blurb:

A sexy surprise is waiting in the woods…

Chased into the forest in the middle of the night, my only hope of survival is the man I used to obsess over. Now I’m all grown up, I won’t miss this opportunity to thank him. Our chemistry is immediate and off the charts, and I’m not looking for a Forever Daddy. My Very First Daddy is all I need. But when he surprises me with a present that awakens something new in me, I know I can’t quit.

I’ve never been anyone’s Daddy before, but Red needs me in a way that melts my grizzly heart. I’ll do anything for him. But if my recent, brutal divorce has taught me anything, it’s that I’m not much of a catch. Does a beautiful young thing like Red really want me? His brother might be my best friend, but his father hates us both and will do all he can to keep us apart. When trouble comes knocking on my door, though, I know I’ll do anything to save this man I’ve fallen for.

Wild Ride is a super steamy, standalone MM gay romance novella featuring a boy who discovers a love of lingerie, a sassy grandma, a loyal pooch the size of a wolf, something scary lurking in the woods, and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger. 

Heather's Review:

Like GoldenWild Ride is a fairy tale retelling - this time of Little Red Riding Hood, with Red on his way to Grandma's house being trailed by a pack of nasty-ass thugs, not to mention the trouble he's already running from...

Red and Hunter have instant chemistry and it works because there's still a dynamic and boundaries to explore in their relationship - especially since Red knows exactly what he wants, and Hunter is the one with doubts and fears... 

I also love Red's Grandmother - she's definitely no meek and mild granny... which makes the story even more fun!

As with any fairy tale, there has to be darkness before the HEA and Helen Juliet balances the sweet, steamy and dark parts of this book seamlessly.  I just finished it and already I'm trying to figure out time in my schedule to re-read Wild Ride.

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacquie's Review

I'm a bit Helen Juliet fan and I absolutely had to have a read of this as soon as I heard about it.
There are a ton of nods to the Red Riding Hood story throughout, but the story stands on its own easily.
Not for those who don't like a little bit of daddy play and some lingerie, as both feature pretty heavily which I both liked and loved - gimme all the lingerie!
A fast burn but not instalove since the MC's already know each other a little first so the pair heading into a physical relationship quickly didn't bother me at all. I also liked how careful Hunter was about consent and establishing rules and boundaries.
While I'm not the biggest lover of daddy kink, I appreciated how this was set up, that both were learning the dynamic and that they would find a way that worked for them. It was really organic.
I loved Red's sassy grandma, Angie and dog, Fenrir. It was great to have that cast of supporting characters.
Content warnings for homophobia and some violence though those scenes are short they are necessary.
I adored the connection the characters had and Hunter's description of an everyday love was apt. The .5 off from my rating was just that I wanted a little bit more showing than telling at the end. I'm just greedy and wanted more story!

Loved Wild Ride and look forward to hopefully having it on audio too.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Tammy's Review:

Another spicy fairytale adaptation from Ms. Juliet!

I absolutely love all Helen Juliet’s fairytale retellings.  This one is no exception.  I adored how damaged Red was; I apparently have a thing for hurt/comfort stories.  Hunter was a lovable hermit who was hiding from the world after his divorce, but when Red stumbled back into his life it helped him see it’s possible to live again.

One major thing I appreciate about this author’s books is the low angst factor.  The characters usually bond quickly and the conflict comes from an outside source.

Heat: 8/10 (high heat with a good story to support the connection)
Storyline: 9/10 (great loose adaptation of Red Riding Hood)
Angst: 2/10 (minimal trouble from inside the relationship)
Overall: 10/10 (highly recommended)

Rating: 5 Stars