What we loved... a look back at 2021 on MM Romance Reviewed

I know I can't pick just one book and honestly, neither can most of the team.... but I put the question to everyone and these were the responses I got:

Sarah C:

Choosing just one that I reviewed is basically impossible. There were so many amazing ones. However, I think I'll choose one that has stayed with me long after: Clubbed  It's not the traditional MM romance novel but the haunting build up to the 1980s - the moment things shift - the memoir style... Probably one of the most memorable books I've done this year


Probably my opening one,, Ghost of Lies though there are a couple that stand out for me 
Princess being one. Spiced Kisses for another. Joel Leslie read my review and I loved his reaction on twitter. I felt like such a fan girl The blog had me reviewing books I'd never have picked up like All I Want for Christmas is a Fingerling.  I'd also mention Tristan too, since it pulled me from my comfort zone. Bdsm and fantasy is quite a mix and I still think about it


Making me pick just one is mean… Mongrel by Lee Colgin (Heather's snarky remark: but somehow she did it)


That is difficult, I enjoyed discovering Meraki P. Lyhne's Slumbering Ember , but I also enjoyed discovering Jayce Ellis her books this is one I enjoyed Andre and at the minute I am reading of her other books. Also Sam E. Kraemer surprised me with The Secrets We Whisper to the Bees. And I enjoyed listening to many audiobooks. I hope we get more of those. I enjoyed joining the team and am forever playing catch up, so my task for this year is - spread them out bit more . Happy New Year to all.


The review that stands out is Convict Daddy.


Over 800 books read and almost all of them M/M Romance or Erotic Romance... the ones that stay with me to this day are (in no particular order) Princely Submission, All Dolled Up, Dearest Milton James, The White House Men Series, particularly Puzzle, Blood in the Water, It's Paradise, Baby, Not For Sale, So Worth More and The End Zone.  Trust me, I can keep going... but for now I'll look forward to many new reads and revisiting old friends in the new year!

Thank you to each and every reviewer on our team, whether they submitted one review or many... and to each and every reader and visitor to the blog!