Chaos Theory by Duckie Mack

Chaos Theory is a quirky Valentine short story that will make you smile and appreciate the good days...

From the blurb:

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers and dreamers. But not for Jon. For him it's the day when anything that can go wrong, will.

This year is no exception, until he meets Archer, whose curiosity is piqued by the man who seems to be a magnet for disaster.

Why did Jon have to meet the perfect guy on February 14th? He doesn’t know what he can trust on this cursed day. Can he really find his Valentine in the midst of chaos?

Chaos Theory is an insta-love stand-alone Valentine’s Day novella with an HEA.

Heather's Review:

Told entirely from Jon's perspective, he begins by reminiscing about Valentines Days past and just how wrong they'd gone... then you experience all of the chaos that is is current day... until he meets Archer...

The Chaos Theory novella was 50 pages of story designed to make you feel good whether you've got a love on Valentines Day or not... it's an instalove snapshot and pure sweetness!

5 Stars