Book Blogger Hop: Book Signings

I am participating in the book blogger hop today and answering the following question:

Have you ever attended a book signing? If so, who was the author?
Submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer.

My answer:

Several... I worked in a store that offered independent authors the opportunity to do book signings on a regular basis, but the last one I attended for the purpose of actually fangirling and having my book signed was a cooking demo and book signing with Curtis Stone... for a lifestyle mommy blog I used to have many moons ago:

If you need to see the post I wrote for it...

I have grand plans (Covid permitting) to roadtrip with amazing author and fellow Ontarian, Jamie Luther to the GayRomanceLit Conference in October 2022 so that I can get my fangirl on with so many authors whom I have only met online in this Covid time... although I no longer collect books, so I'm going armed with an autograph book to collect bookplates and signatures! I also hope to put together some more local to me events withMM romancne author and reader friends, so hopefully more book signings in the future for me... 

What about you?  Do you attend signings?  Do you order signed books from authors?


  1. That would be fun to work where there were book signings all the time. Getting to meet so many authors would be great! I would love that!

  2. Gay romance lit con sounds epic - I hope you get there and have an amazing time!


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