Alan's Utterly Accidental Dream-Cute, Jon Mysteries #4.5, by A.J Sherwood

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Alan's Utterly Accidental Dream-Cute, Jon Mysteries #4.5, by A.J Sherwood

From the blurb:
What happens when a Havili researcher meets a psychic dreamwalker? A dreamy meet-cute, that’s what. (In more ways than one.)

Strangest meetcute ever, stalking-not-stalking, Grant is a sleep-deprived mess, Alan is more than happy to sleep with him, (also in more ways than one), Havili protectiveness runs strong, Grant needs a vat of coffee, bookworms make good psychic partners, Jon plays matchmaker, again, Grant’s ability likes Alan A LOT, it wants to have his babies, #TeamHavili, kidnapping cases

Jacquie's Review:

Loved this! Although I've read maybe 1 book associated with Jon, that wasn't an issue because this does work as a standalone as things are quickly explained.

Alan moves to be closer to his family and Jon realises that Alan would be the perfect anchor for a psychic, but Alan isn't sure.

Grant needs an anchor and agrees to be interviewed by author Alan for his new book and the pair hit it off.

There was steam, a ton of plot showcasing Grant's ability and plenty of sweet moments between the pair.

It moves fast but the way they click is something akin to soulmates. They really seemed to be 2 halves of a whole and I was there for it.


Rating: 5 Stars

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